1400 HP & 70MPH: SeaHunter Tournament 45 – One Wake

This Sea Hunter Tournament 45 is an incredible sport fishing boat with a big helping of speed and a dash of versatility on the side. Featuring FOUR 350 HP Yamaha Outboard V8’s, the boat can reach speeds of 70 MPH, but more importantly, cruise in chop at 55 mph like it’s absolutely nothing. It has a seemingly endless array of rod holders, accessories, and storage areas, but, perhaps most interestingly is the significant use of carbon kevlar construction in the boat’s hull and deck.

Special thanks to Sunset Aquatic Shipyard, Huntington Beach, CA, for this opportunity, For sales, re-powering, storage, winterization, or all manner of marine services in Huntington Beach, give Sunset Aquatic a call. https://www.sunsetaquaticmrn.com/

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jjjrickey says:

All that “1400hp raving” and he says they’re 5.7 litre blocks… nope, sorry, the 350 is a 5.3. I believe the new 425 is a 5.7

Tom Jones says:

BEAUTIFUL boat! If I were close one day I’d be ecstatic.

Giacomo Ferrario says:

How much FUEL are you burning off at 57 MPH? Yes, yes, ‘I know the Good Ol Sayin, ‘If you have to ask you cannot afford it…… Gotta be smart though. Rich folk do not get rich being STUPID and wasting things. Wear and Tear on Boat, Engine, Trans., parts, propellers and all the parts surrounding it. They take a beating. My boat sure did…..Even my older boats from when I was a kid took beatings….JOHNSON 1972. 75 HORSE POWER. On BELL BOY Classic Cabin Cruiser Back in the day. (1970’s). Before racing FINNS in Newport Beach, California. I won a Medal racing my FINN in 1984. My friend and colleague won a Silver Medal JOHN Bertrand. Congrats John. Wherever you may be. Bless you! What a career in racing. Amazing. SAILBOATS are the best….nature. air. movement. quiet. close to ocean life. Sharing the space with otger living things vs running them over!

El Cock says:

Can I pull this with my honda pilot ?

The Reporter 999 says:

Should be power with 4 400s or 5 350s/400s

Ga Fin says:

What are those floating things at 5:52?

Jose L Palacios says:

Great boat, poor taste for beers, corona is the worst cheap beer that I ever tasted. Go Samuel Adams, any of their infinite variety or the new Budweiser Freedom Reserve Red Lager….that’s real beers.

Tom Jones says:

Beautiful boat!

Douglas R says:

I wouldnt want 800 gallons of gasoline under my feet.

Jap Crap says:

This kid is ahead of his time. He is going to be retiring before most pay off student loans! Lol!

Frank Conrad says:

Shut d fok up granny,..best ride ever!

Gustavo Figueiredo says:

HP = views

Paulo Nascimento says:

Would be interesting to get MSRP on this reviews.
Thanks Matt.

Alberto Cruz says:


Rusty Shackleford says:

All you are missing is a grill on that there boat!

Clint Whatley says:

Stiff Competition out there. Scout….etc…..

karl wood says:

wow, stunning boat,, totally jealous

KiloByte says:

Boats are fucking awesome.


Great kid

Wormy says:

I can’t even afford to stock the fridge 🙁

john lalane says:

350s are trash unfortunately

krisone63 says:

So why four V-8 motors ? Gas is absurd and the reason they only fill it once a season is because of the cost, three V-8 or four V-6 motors gives you the same speed if not faster but use much less fuel, drop the size of the tanks because unless you’re going to some place far, like Cuba, you don’t need it. What you were in wasn’t chop.. please, you want chop come to Florida and ride through the inlets where you constantly get 6-7 foot chop. The only reason for four motors is to compensate for a lack of manhood. LOL

mahrbeezer says:

Center consoles are the most useless boats. They’re for weekend warriors that wanna look cool.

mrouzoo says:

was that cameraman at nachos bait barge?

Sean MacNee says:

Grew up driving my dads 23’ Donzi center console at an age similar to that young man. Things have come a long way but nothing beats a deep V

Scott K says:

Yeah, great. I’m just pissed that I can’t buy one!!

Robert Carey says:

It is a cool boat but costly skyrocket! One wrong move bye bye!!

Ruvin lyasheff sheff says:

Bad ,tanks,

RSLewis says:

midrange punch??? youre an idiot… there are no gears dummy.. it has power gain at literally ANY speed. dont let that moron drive your boat.

siSharp ciplusplus says:

that was a 300$ ride

g3baller21 says:

700 what ?

SC EM says:

I worked for a company (Company Rep) for years that made boats very similar to this. Even though I could have owned, and had one at cost, I’d honestly much rather have my kayak, and camp out of it 1000 to 1 any day. The best things in life truly are free. Well, at last after the initial investment anyway. I can go out for weeks and have far more enjoyment for just a very few bucks in food. And my boat will last long enough to get passed down for many generations with little, to no maint. or repairs. You all can chase that dollar, and have all of that high maint. lifestyle you want. I’m as free as aman can be, appreciating, and savoring every second of life.

Thomas Hegland says:

Great Videos!! Your enthusiasm is the best part!!

Wondering from all the boats you have tried, are there a couple that have left a lasting impression. That you really like and could see yourself owning?

ultimatejay says:

Nice boat but for that money I would rather have a nice sport fishing yacht where I could get out of the weather. Why would you ever want a center console that big? BTW, anything 40ft is going to go through chop that good

Dan from GA says:

Wait. Wait what? I did not expect to see Matt Farah when i clicked in this

Tasman Petre says:

that is the nicest boat i’ve ever seen

Stan Lee says:

Corona? Barf. Cool boat though.

Dan from GA says:

Who wants to take a trip to the middle grounds??! Yee haw!

Robert Hunter says:

That’s one badass boat!.. it will make anyone Smile!.. very nice!.. thanks for your video

Jack Me-Off says:


Bill Blast says:

1:47 Nice hand gestures Matt, lol.

PRO HEN says:

“This thing is nice man!” As I burn up a couple hundred dollars of YOUR gas

Robbae says:

you can get 1900hp from 3 seven marine 627s…

fluke196c says:

Amazing, I bet that was 50 gallons of fuel.

ShotgunSsergio says:

Hat guy is the ultimate douche bro.

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