BEST Mini Bass Boat Review: CUSTOM Twin Troller X10 Tour

CHECK OUT my custom mini bass boat as I review my custom Twin Troller X10 aka the BEST pond boat! The Twin Troller X10 is the best small bass boat for fishing ponds, small lakes, and much more! If you enjoyed this video, please LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more fishing reviews and Twin Troller X10 bass fishing in the future!



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My small bass boat is called the TWIN TROLLER X10 and is made by freedom electric marine. It’s the best small boat for pond fishing, small lake fishing, and fishing any other small body of water! All in all it’s a great one or 2 man fishing boat! Comment if you want to know more about it!


Evan Ward says:

You are so awesome man, a very informitive video!!! You’ve got a new subscriber

Offgrid Whitetails says:

Pedals are very loud IMP.

Hugh Truex says:

I bought the complete setup with the Honda motor. Love the boat, hate the Honda!! Its almost as fast on electric and the Honda is obnoxious loud and uncomfortable to operate. I sold the Honda and bought the largest, best battery I could and very happy with the results. I’m glad you showed how to use the dolly properly. It is easier then the way I was doing it.
Keep up the videos!!
Boat is awesome

Lunker012 says:

Fletcher, Nice job on the tackle tray. I also own the Twin Troller and have the factory live well but I could not cut it up to make the tray you did. I have never used the livewell but hope to at some point. I am original owner of my Twin Troller but I made other ways to store my tackle and other items. You can see that on my channel at Lunker012. I have other things I have done to my TT there also.
Your section of the video that shows the dolly in use if better than the one Freedom Electric Marine has. I do not think I would use it much but have thought of buying one to make a video about how to use it and how to launch it in the water and remove it again.
Nice video. Gerry

George Wurt says:

Just bought one this year. Love it. I’m a big guy at 6ft1 330lbs. Standing up in it and moving around is no problem. The only down fall is I can’t bring another person with me because I use 2 batteries. Great boat. I highly recommend it


I too own a Twin Troller X10 I bought a year ago on Craigslist a 2016 model with a 3.5 hp Tohatsu 4 stroke and a ton of mods the other owner did. I love my boat. John in Tn.


I just ordered my boat, I am excited to get it in and get it ready for some fall crappie fishing.

Small Water TV says:

Nice review, Fletcher.

Bob Wieters says:

If you haven’t seen Lunker12, he has done a lot of additions and improvements to his TwinTroller X10 and he is very user friendly on all of his explanations and specific. I really enjoy his reviews and improvements and additions that he has placed on his boat. I am looking forward to getting my TwinTroller X10! Good job on reviewing your boat/

Rick INSC says:

I picked up my TTx10 yesterday in IN. going to put it in the water today,I fish salt water inshore in the myrtle beach area been fishing out of a hobie outback for 3 yr. and will do a vid. on the two soon.

Dale Lattanzio says:

I have a brand new Twin Troller for sale. Only used 3 hours. Contact me at

signia42 says:

I bought my TT in April with the Honda 2.3 in Rapid City South Dalota and love it. I then accepted a job in San Antonio and fit it in my U-Haul with trailer two months ago. I just got my driver’s license and need to register it now. Some big lakes around here but if the kayaks can go there, so can I. Looking forward to the Reds fishing in Calaveras Lake and Bass at Canyon Lake.

Howabouthetruth says:

Great video & review Fletch! It’s been a while. I bought my Twin Troller new back in October of 2016, and after owning several boats in my life, ( I’m 56 yrs old ) including a new bass boat, I can honestly say dollar for dollar spent, I get far more enjoyment & maneuverability for bass fishing out of my Twin Troller. I fish today more than ever, every week, year round here in Florida, in this awesome little boat. I will be doing 3 separate videos about my Twin Troller that Gerry will be posting on youtube channel “Lunker012” within the next couple weeks. I have invented what I truly believe is the best modification for the Twin Troller, and most owners WILL want to make one for themselves when they see it. IT’S THAT GOOD……and very simple to make with NO drilling or fasteners required into the hull. What is it? I will come here to let everyone know in these comments when the video is up on Gerry’s youtube channel: “Lunker012” for “the big reveal”. I’m actually baffled that no one has thought of it already, but they haven’t. You’re gonna love it. Mark my word. Tight Lines!!!

LH Fishing says:


tom smith says:

I have a Hobie Pro Angler 14 right now and I am seriously contemplating pulling the trigger on one of these boats just out of curiosity what type of battery life do you get on the water with one of these and what’s the top speed with both trolling motors

Frank Mayer says:

Purchased one last year from Freedom Elec. Absolutely the best fishing boat for lakesi and ponds. I just wish I’d bought it years ago. Over the years I’ve had custom.bass boats, jon boats and canoes. Currently have a center console with a 200hp for bay fishing rough water, but this is by far my favourite small water boat.

Randy Wilson says:

I looked at them for years and then when it was time to pull the trigger I bought a Hobie 12 footer. What a big big mistake

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