Budget fishing boat Intex ****updated****

This video show’s the setup of the Intex Seahawk 3 and walk around if you enjoyed this video

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Intex Seahawk 3 : https://amzn.to/2NWg6sS

Garmin striker 4 cv : https://amzn.to/2Lnmc3L

Minn Kota endure c2 30 : https://amzn.to/2zLEMB5

Shakespeare micro series :https://amzn.to/2JusFrK

Intex transom mount : https://amzn.to/2utrfsP

Shakespeare ugly stick gx2 : https://amzn.to/2urLdEb

Rocker by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Rockin Rod says:

What are the dimensions of the custom floor board?

Tiffany Valentin says:

Nice Darth Vader sticker dude!

Anthony Copland says:

What is the floor made out of

Anthony Gardner says:

I just looked through comments and never found this answer: what are the dimensions for the floor?

weaponsxpert87 says:

good job bro

CollectionsForFun says:

I heard these boats are likely to expload on the water. As it is welded in a chinese shitboarfactory.

Manuel Garza says:

Im new to seahawk. I got the seahawk 4 with a minn cotta 40. But i feel its always under inflated if i go with the plastic 10 mm thingy. How do i inflate it ? Please help

memphistigers777 says:

This is perfect and practical. Nice build

Carl Gonzales says:

Can you tell us what that PVC pipe is for, mounted next to the motor?

Jiggy's Outdoors says:

Awesome love the pic of all those Seahawk boats!

Northeastern Tv says:

Wal-Mart you can order them online

dentray says:

Just found this after watching many seahawk 4 vids,I bought this boat a few days ago and have now started messing with it.I dont really want a full floor at this stage and I have fitted interlocking rubber mats so do you think a rear solid floor coming to to around halfway would hold the seat/battery box? seasons greetings from Australia where its in the high 90,s for Xmas 🙂

Bartholomew Alexis says:

just purchased a seahawk 3 all because of you thanks

Daniel Paul Grech Pereira says:

What did you use for the floor board?

Theodore Bowers says:

When I was younger I had all kind of fishing boats Fish tournaments I’d pontoons bass boats all the books sport boats this is fun anytime you’re on the water it’s fine right thanks for all the enjoyment you’re giving me by the way I live in northeast Pennsylvania Northampton Pennsylvania right by the airport where you live

joey longo says:


Denise Lynn says:

We got our intel 5 love it for $340 new 12ft boat & motor good deal on the water soon got good battery $81 next paper work then we be off & fishing!

Jon Everyman88 says:

just wondering what your top speed is when you’re fully loaded at, say, 500 lbs with people/cargo.

Mike Rothwell says:

What did you put around the edges to prevent punches?

Lee Richardson says:

Great job.I have the same Sea hawk 3 .I am going to make a floor board like you .This video helped alot.Thanks Lee.

Daljit Kondel says:

What kind of battery do you use? And how long does it last ?

Scrappy Leon says:

What size pvc pipe for the rod holder?

Tristan Broussard says:

Silly question maybe—How do you store the fish you catch on it?

babbar123 says:

Bro, is this boat reliable? Can it take regular beating without failing on the sailor?

Kimilicious .booty says:

I’m gonna make a floor outta ½” since I think it would be plenty thick and durable.

Alfie Mars Obispo says:

nicely done! btw, do you need to register the boat since you already attached a trolling motor on it?

Michael Hadac says:

I like your Garmin Striker. It’s on sale now so I think I will buy one. Just question about the Transducer.. Do you leave your “Danngling?” or did you glue it to the bottom hull..?

Theodore Bowers says:

Do you know what’s really cool about this kind of boat idea really cool you don’t need a pickup truck you could put all that in the car including the board for the floor on the roof you don’t need a pickup truck that is so cool on the cheap for sure I fished in things like this is fun and safe and electric trolling motors last a long time on a battery on talking from experience

don ron says:

you should of just bought a fishing kayak.

daniel sakamoto says:

What did you use to inflate your boat?

Mathew Carroll says:

Do you have to register these

Alex Robbins says:

Only half decent review I’ve seen I’m 16 and looking for a cheap n easy boat just ordered, do you think if a big fish like a catfish if was thrashing around would puncture this raft or is it relatively thicker material?

Blaze Chicken says:

This was inspired. Literally just bought a seahawk and was considering how to mod it for a portable budget fishing boat so this was good for the flooring idea

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