Building the Perfect Shallow Water Fishing Boat

Here’s a detailed look at how river rat Ott DeFoe has customized his river fishing boat. Chances are there’s some outstanding shallow water fishing to be had near you, but this can spell danger for hulls and lower units.

This doesn’t mean you can’t tackle skinny waters from a boat. Elite Series pro Ott DeFoe walks us through his tricked out jon boat.

He’s modified the hull and electrical systems to support running shallow water, while powering useful equipment like timed aeration, dual shallow water anchors and even a jack plate. Top if off with functional boat accessories, and you can transform any aluminum boat into a well equipped fishing rig.

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Joe Lo says:

is it tournament legal? Bassmaster FLW?

pseudopetrus says:

Interesting features, very well done for shallow water. Of course boat hulls are always a compromise, just so people are not mistaken. You can’t expect this shallow draft boat to have the sea keeping characteristics of a deep vee hull inboard in heavy off shore seas. But in terms of specialization, this is a great combination of shallow water features!

Hunter Gray says:

Worth about $30,000

Alexander Pagan says:

Nice Setup!!

csmith5314 says:

Was that Hydro Turf on the deck?

mattioder says:

how shallow can it run?

TheVirginiaStew says:

awesome boat, we are getting ready to modify our 3 boats, some great ideas…Thanks

djfearon says:

Excellent video! Looking for shallow water alternatives for SW FL.

gixxxer1k says:

lol, bad ass little boat man, love it

The Bopper says:

Those mods you added are fantastic! What a great option to river fish. Im jealous bro. lol

Dillon Bechtle says:

how shallow can it run

Travis Smith says:

Is this a 1860 or 2070 size boat? Cool boat.

Ed J says:

Nice Setup

Bill York says:

Really nice video man but you need to ditch the TP and get sponsored by Dude Wipes!! 🙂

Robkes mail says:

Great boat what is the full model name? Thanks!

nela nela says:

There are many factors in doing a pro job. One plan I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Denelle boat builder (google it if you’re interested) definately the no.1 course that I’ve seen. Check out this incredible site.

Joshua Bettin says:

what kind of boat is that and price, I am looking for something close to that

Danny Chavis says:

I need $

Larry Reeder says:

@Bopper, I agree those mods are great! I sold our Sylvan runabout last summer and am looking for a replacement. I love those mods. @Wired2Fish, @OttDefoe – do you think local boat dealers can do similar mods? I’m in Wisconsin, so we have dealers, just not sure about the mods.

Mike Jarvis says:

So what material did he use for the padding?

Владимир Путин says:

if you want to know how to make some of your DIY kinds of stuff yourself, just go to an Avasva website. There you’ll find your answers 🙂

Kansas Tactical Bass Lander says:

how wide and long is the boat and how deep is it

Nate Shiz says:

Or instal beaver tail pods

Bryan3151 says:

Tracker doesn’t make a tunnel hull anymore though do they? Did you have the tunnel and the raised transom retrofitted?I just bought another boat after 25 years without one. I had my heart set on a prop tunnel but found a 2007 G3 so clean that I couldn’t pass it up. I retire in a couple of years so I might go all out on a new one when I do. I’m in N. Georgia. How far in TH Marine from me? I might want to have some of the compartmentaization done, especially the rod box. The vertical rod holders by the center console make it hard for the person on the back deck.

Fishnwithjoe says:

I just about went through all of the work to try and build a boat like this until I found out the make them factory. I haven’t looked back since. Shallow River fishing is a blast.

Dustin Apple says:

ill be honest most people don’t understand what it takes to make a boat perform in the shallows. I was skeptical clicking on this video, but the modifications where very well thought out. im still really surprised your hanging onto a prop. why not run a 2″ tunnel and trade the 90 for a 150/105 jet? it would operate in less water and the smaller tunnel would displace a little more water and compensate for the slightly heavier motor. guess you don’t have to worry about a clogged intake. nice rig, and good spot for your sponsors.

Steval204 says:

My old man had a four stroke mercury jet on his 18 ft triton Jon boat…it was underwhelming in its power. He then sold it for a 90/65 optimax. Man what a difference. We always have ran mercury motors, and love them, but for us, the optimax is stil the best running motor on the market, IMO. My grandfather has a 90 horse evinrude E-tec, I believe it’s a 2009. It’s meticulously cared for, and it just doesn’t get up and go like the 90 merc we had on a 190 sport fisher. His boat is a Lund 18ft V hull. Boats are almost identical in size and weight, and my fathers mercury walks has walked away from that ‘rude since he had it. We fish the St. Lawrence.

Robkes mail says:

How is this tracker 1860 performs on choppy waters I saw a video on youtube and it looked like it was a pretty rough ride?

Christopher Winstead says:

I’m a fan you man

bighurts1 says:

…or you could just get a Riverpro.

AJP24 says:

What a nice little boat you will catch some nice fish out of that

Panfish says:

That is a nice boat!

Jake Dani says:

that motor so over kill haha

adil alrahbi says:

*Thanks for the quick service, the plans arrived yesterday. [ Check Details Here=>**** ] I have just about finishing a boat when they came with an idea on how to finish up, and they gave me a few lessons in boat building! Thanks to them!*

BonafideBassn' says:

Badass! This is a dream boat

Dogurasu says:

Good looking Ford truck and a really nice boat.

ToledoBendLoLife says:

Love my Grizzly tracker too. Mines almost the same besides big motor and jackplate. I go just bout anywhere my buddy’s gator tail goes.

Jason Daubenspeck says:

How shallow can u go

James Howlett says:

“got some advil in case the fish aren’t biting” lol love ott

APFishing says:

What is this model of tracker? The transom must be risen and hull must’ve been tunneled?

Charles F says:

Who did you find to do the boat work/ modifications ?

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