Buying My First Boat!! Tracker Pro Team 175 Boat Tour!

Buying My first boat was a huge moment in my life! In this video I bring you guys along to get my new tracker bass boat and do a full boat tour. None of this is possible without you guys I am so grateful and blessed to have an oppurtunity to make this dream a reality. THANK YOU. I hope you all enjoyed this video DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!


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Marvin Manson says:

Congratulations man…

James Hall fishing says:

Nice boast. Must be very light weight. Impossible for me to pick my tailor up.

Bullion Forever says:

I like the Tacoma.

M K says:

Good to see someone happy .

Shawn Gebhardt says:

Nope same year just got different color leather seats

Sam Schmidt says:

Where’s the windshield?

javier martinez says:

Hello allfisherman congratulation is really beaitifull boats how much i want to buy one but 40 HP or less

tim rodriquez says:

How does that tacoma tow your new boat?

William Riley says:

I hope your boat ramps aern’t very steep there… otherwise, your little truck is going to get wet…

Darryl Parrish says:

Congratulations on the New Boat Brotha! Your excitement is contagious dude!

Kent Liermann says:


Vern Wahlberg says:

Congratulations very happy for you I just picked up my brand new 2018 Pro 170 tracker absolutely love it I’ve only had it out three times best boat have ever owned the only new boat I’ve ever owned you will love that boat have fun.

Jonny D says:

Very Nice… Are you still liking it? I am looking at getting the 195txw this year.

glen johnson says:

i wish my rod box went all the way back and down like yours. and i wish i had my cup holders in the floor like yours mine are in the back of the fold down seat. i hope you enjoy it like i do my 2010 but you going to want to upgrade your trolling motor to a 24 volt.

Hunter x craft says:

“Entry level” boat, that boat is 17 grand I dream of owning that boat one day like, and game boat that’s final for me not entry level

Randy Schmidt says:

Congrats on your new boat!

cardinalcrazy09 says:

Hey man I’m looking to finance a boat for the first time. Did you finance? If so did you have to put a percentage down ( I plan to), and if so what percentage would you recommend? Basically how was the overall process?

Shawn Gebhardt says:

Love this this boat

Moom Goes The Dynamite says:

Congrats man! I just bought the same boat but in red and with thr 75hp motor on it. Its a fantastic boat!

Twangtown7 says:

Been looking at this boat. How stable it is if you’re on the front deck and wavy out? I can’t swim so the near flush deck kinda scares me. Also, really wish those 6’6″ rod holders were longer. All my rods are 7’0″ or more. Thanks!

Sully Dawg says:

I’ve had my 175 since 2005…Incredibly versatile. I can easily fish the smallest electric motor only ponds all the way up to places like Lake Champlain.

Fish4Life says:

I also have a 175 txw. Upgrade the fishfinder, upgrade the trolling motor to 24v and add a battery plus a spitfire 4 bladed prop then you will be set.

Reeves Outdoors says:


William Riley says:

And they say Kansas is flat…!

paul newkirk says:

I saw one in bass pro shop this morning. If you don’t mind me asking. What are your payments on this bad boy?

Edward Cedillo says:

How much?

Keith Reding says:

I have the same model but the red one. I absolutely love mine. My wife and I take it to the river/lake every chance we get. You will love this one! Be safe.

Mister Gupton says:

I’ve been binging on your videos lately. Nice boat! you’re living the dream. I’m jelly! lol

Shawn Gebhardt says:

Actually I think my is a year newer. My seats are red

Chad Moyer says:

You’ve gotta love it. I just got a 190 and it’s amazing.

Dvj Luna says:

I know I already congratulated you on your boat purchase….and you also replied on one of my comments when I mentioned that I was looking at the Tracker 195 tournament edition from the same dealer here in the Tampa Area… WELL I did not get that Tracker I was telling you about. I wound up buying an Action Craft 2020 ACE Flatsmaster that will allow me to do all types of fishing that I want to do. Just like you, I am really excited on my new boat and cant WAIT to put it in the water in the Glades to haul in those DINOSAUR size Florida LMB’s. Video to come soon of me purchasing the boat!

Tyler Welch says:

im excited for you bro. ive been looking at the same boat.

JD McNugent says:

Congrats man. I have a tracker boat to and I love it. Just make sure to always put a good fuel additive in your tank. Four strokes are sensitive to poor gas.

Charles Mosley says:

Thats good stuff man. I am happy for you. Congrats!!!!! I cant wait to do the same when I get mine.

Mike B says:

Went to see this boat a few times, but couldn’t convince the wife.  Had to settle for a 1236 Jon.  Oh well maybe next year,  Super stoked for ya bro!

Adventure Fishing says:

What a life 🙁

Lamont Gray says:


Octavio Fuentes says:

Gota love tracker boats tall man

2 Wheel Channel says:


Liston Frasier says:

Nice I getting my first boat soon.its going to be just like yours.

Jessica Simonson says:

How is that vinyl after gets wet is is slippery?

Andy Davidson says:

You are gonna like it.  I have the same boat.

Oscar Zavala says:

How’s the boat doing so far? I’m planning on getting my first boat and this one looks perfect to start off.

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