Fishing from a Round Boat

It’s called a Roundabout. You can read more about it here;


Rey Soto says:

how this guy had so many subs, he doesn’t even know how to fish. its been a year since last i saw a vid and he still clueless.

michael aldridge says:

do you still have the 12 ft jon boat?

Steven Jefferies says:

When the water warms up, you should find some pilings or floating debris and sight fish for some tripletail! With that lightweight and quiet boat I’m sure you could sneak up on them super easy. Have you ever caught one before? I caught my first last year, and it is the most exciting/addictive style of fishing out there. It doesn’t hurt that they are super tasty too. A prize well worth the hunt.

Freddie Latham says:

you look like an aussie zlatan

Central Coast Bass says:

Living on the water, that has to be the life. Great info about his boats, thanks for the video. Scott – CCB.

shreks son says:

how much are those

justin murphy says:

bucs can…good man!

Ratdog 305 says:

Unusual design, looks fairly stable though

tom thomas says:


Arctic Gator says:

If i could afford it i would definitely get me one of these roundabouts, i think they will fit in the back of my jeep

Fishing and Freediving in Ireland says:

I like your videos 🙂 cool channel 😀 you are cool host 🙂 good luck 😀

Nature's Finest says:

I thought you sold the jon boat to buy the big boat. Confused lol

The Bopper says:

I have an Ultraskiff…kinda the same boat…love it!

oakland002 says:

No way , you know tod.. I was thinking of getting a boat from him someday.. especially when I move there Tampa area

Matt Maley says:

After I saw this video I got in contact with Roundabout. Unbelievable customer service. Thank you for posting good video’s!

Ethan Seafield says:

really liked this video:)

Frank Baughman says:

Thanks Zoff, really enjoy all your videos. So good to see stuff with people just having a good time. No pressure to buy or have to stress out for a reason. The people you hang out with are cool. Will continue praying for you and friends.

Ray Konold says:

Catch you later? I bet you say that to all the fish.

Dan Stephens says:

It looks like a bowl. 😛

Flo_grown dude says:

I knew they were local but didnt know they were that close. Neat little boats.

Fernando Zamora says:

the boat you were riding on the 1st one, is that the one with 2 trolling motor in the wells?

minrlwtr says:

Very cool, a lilly pad!

Phased 2 Fishing says:

I have talked with the owner of roundaboats and I really like there product (even though I don’t own one) It is still an awesome invention and I plan on getting one as I get older. Thanks and nice video!

nick prentice says:

You are the Mr. Rogers of fishing. I love it. lol

docjeffry says:

Looks cumfy…

Intrepid Fisherman says:

Working towards this life.. I love just being able to go and fish… You always put out such great videos. Thanks for all your work.

Ricky Rick IB CA says:

I love your videos brother. keep them coming. what was the price on that round boat?

Peter Birch says:

what’s the rectangle boat you started in? I would like to buy one and have no idea where to start looking

Charsept says:

Just saw these in a magazine the other day! Really cool little boats.

frederick rich says:

thanks marty for another intresting vid, but need to see you back in the kayak, lol

The Crappie Hurt Locker says:

That’s an interesting little boat.

viper2788 says:

Cool boat… but just curious. In your opinion, what advantages does the round boat have over a non-round boat of similar size, like the one you first rode in?

Manuel Bahamonde says:

nice product man, looks really stable, can you put on them a bigger motor without affecting its stability? or they work good only on electric motors?

cycling kiwi says:


Phu Vet says:

Forgot your stuff in the round boat

Adventuring with Collin says:

What is the rod and reel you use???

Ousmane Diallo says:

I,m so proud of you. i was a rescue swimmer. i was certified from NSA Jacksonville Florida. I used to speart fishing. But you making it so easy. Anyway i m a big fan

Outdoorlife 04 says:

Why don’t you ever go crabbing or camping

Andross2587 says:

That’s all that matters to me having that rod bent and that line tight!! Love your videos man! TIght lines from Canada!

Rc 4 Life says:

That thing looks slow with the gas motor you should get a 100cc motor

Timewars says:

Yeah more like this Zoff 🙂

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