Freeman 37vh with Seven Marine Outboards Sea trial. Fastest fishing boat?!?? 80mph!

Took a trip to Florida for Richs sea trial and survey of a 2016 37 feet freeman with dual seven marines. Absolutely incredible!


Geoff Longford says:

So would my Subaru be able to launch it.

joe cruz says:

Fishing yr around in so cal , that’s probably not a boat I would want to be on. Catalina to Long Beach when the winds pick up , white caps , shit blowing side ways , I’d rather be in your Parker. It would sick, if you can enclose it. No plastic lining. But it is a bad ass boat.

Earl Campbell says:

I don’t see where the fastest fishing boat comes from. While the review obviously shows a nice looking boat, my little 38’ fountain actually does 80 so you should remove the misleading title. Have a good new year.

Seth Cawthern says:

Was I the only one that missed the 80mph

Bennie Mabe says:

That’s a GREAT LOOKING Fishing Boat!!!

Dallas Andrews says:

Ha my friend do you know how to count? I see 2 outboard motors not 7 as your title stated

Music Matt 76 says:

How do you fish at 80 mph? You dont!

LockedenLoad says:

This dude looks like he is 12 years old with an IQ of a house plant. Find a new job little boy.

robert DAVIS says:

Is this Billy’s new boat?Sure is nice.Thank’s for posting.

viajes80 says:

Just like mine…

happy2bnfla says:

Wow, so did you actually buy Duane’s boat? I heard it was sold! What an awesome boat! And Duane is great people! Heard he was getting a 42?

Exciter says:

How much coke will it hold?

peterk814 says:

Half million on a boat. Cheaped out on rod holder. Lol

Doughboy Fresh says:

The quads Verado 400 Freeman 37vh is the fastest

Mojo Motive says:

I didn’t see any fishing, it is a fishing boat right!

mpop4eva says:

All those commenting about “can’t count” need to wake up. The outboards are made by seven marine! Helllooooo!

Haywood Jablome says:

Click Bait !!!! Don’t Advertise Unrealistic Data.
That aside, Great looking Machine….

HKPSG1Shooter says:

Sorry to hear about your penis……

Chan Leed says:

What’s the price

libra8a says:

Did I miss something? How does 7=2?

DaebakMonkey says:

1,254 horses on that sucker. Yowza.

South Florida Fishing Channel says:

That’s a beauty man! I live in Florida and pretty much fish everyday. How do I get to test one of these?!

G Ste says:

Did I miss something? How does 72MPH = 80 MPH?

Matt Hix says:

Nice boat…but why the hell isn’t anyone wearing a life jacket? Sea trial with new outboards going balls out + no life jackets = stupid.

Dixie Bassin says:

Too cool.

Douglas Hall says:

Beautiful boat,,thats the right set up for fishing in almost any conditions. (Summer that is).  Lets see it after a long day of fishing,,,,with blood and bait guts all over the gunwales and engines. LOL. Do with it what its intended for,,,get her dirty.

Brandon Evans says:

Those engines sound insane

Daniel Parks says:

No bow flair! Wet ride guaranteed!

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