How To: Your First Inshore Flats Fishing Boat

How to, your first flats boat aka fishing boat! Beginner’s guide, How to tips to outfit your first inshore fishing flats boat. Boat review plus tips and tricks to get started with boating safety equipment, outboard motors info, fishing gear, & boat accessories. What to look for when buying or rigging and outfitting your bay boat or flats boat inshore saltwater fishing boat. Inshore fishing, flats fishing and boating is a lot of fun.⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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Kerry Sammy says:

I have to watch this same video more than once. Veeery informative. I wanted to ask if that was the same finger with the bandaid where the baracuda hooked Darcie.

Aaron Thomas says:

Thanks this is a lot of pertinent information…

Farkles1 says:

Great video. I’m looking for a boat. Thanks for sharing

John Lennon says:

I’m sorry Brian. We’re you saying something? I’ll be honest with ya, I was concentrating on something else…lol

Kraig Tomiser says:

Nice double hook up Darcie! Puddin, you did a nice job on the walk through. And to answer your question Darcie, what I like the best about your boat is you looking gorgeous on it!

scott ridenour says:

Nice work brian. Can’t call you puddin. Just cant.

joel stevens says:

Ha!!! A true double!!!

Scott TheOzoneGuy says:

You can tell Frabill, that you just sold me a net.

Koogle Hoffer says:

Nice tan.

B P says:

do you like Pudding pops?

David Canup says:

Love the boat and your knowledge about fishing.

Micky Smith III says:

Puddin, great video & showcasing of the sponsorships, buy it’s been really hard to take You seriously with that whacked red hair. Catch up buddy, catch up!!!

Kelly D T T H says:


hm mahoney says:

Thank you Brian very informative I love the power poles ! I imagine they are great in the flats .

Brandon Avants says:

Really nice boat ! All decked out! P.S watch jacki Shea q&a video! Y’all would make a great video together!!! Js lol

David Mercer says:

One of the coolest boats I’ve ever seen. Puddin’, tons of really great info and insight. Weird, but when sizzle’s in the back ground I can’t process what you’re saying. When she leaves, my hearing comes back. Darci awesome double. Thanks guys

Puddin cain says:

Nice boat but what happened to the old one??

rippin lips80 says:

Love my merc pro xs 250!! Pushes my 21ft triton walleye boat 60+ mph!!

George Johnston says:

Love how you have your boat lit up. Does the sea dek give you good traction to walk on dry or even wet and does shoes or bare feet matter with the traction?

matt mccollum says:

I’m confused… what type of boat should I get?

Joe Brown says:

Cizzle it’s not Pudding it’s Puddin’. Man I loved this video b/c I love boats had 3 bass boats in my time but it’s all history now. Your boat is friggin’ awesome. Good review Puddin’. Darci has the cutest body…just sayin’.

po28der says:

I have gone backwards then you guys. I went from a mercury inshore boat to a offshore boat powered by a Yamaha. I went with your recommendation and went as big as I could with a single motor. I love the boat. I gained the ocean however I lost the creeks.

Michael Smith says:

How am i supposed to look at the Sea Dek when Darcy is sitting on the cooler in her bikini?

Jerrod P says:

Darci might be addicted to bait. It’s rare to see but I think she has it. She was about to have a panic attack with all the bait around you, lol. Great and informative video.

Shawn Myers says:

Thanks for tha info on boats Pudding. I love ur boat. Need more of these videos. Thanks again !

leejproductions27 says:

My favorite part of your boat is the crew. How is that for an answer ??

Liar409 says:

OK Darlin’… I gotta say something… It’s PUDDIN’…. not “Putting”. You make him sound like a dork when you emphasize the “g”. Love you both.

Sailor376also says:

Brian, don’t ever run yourself down. This was a simply masterful job of explaining the features and manufacturers of your boat and equipment. You made it plain and straight forward.

Gerry Austin says:

Puddin, you’re so lucky.

Koogle Hoffer says:

Watch out for that hook. (Hee Hee )

Michael Sloan says:

Great Videos ! Keep it going!!

Dash Riprock says:

Your boat is insane!

royce myers says:

He knows why we watch

Cecil Sarver says:

Thank you pudding good job my friend

Koogle Hoffer says:

Finding a hard time paying attention to Brian. Don’t know why. I am distracted for some reason.

Blue Duck says:

Excellent video!

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