I LOVE THIS FISHING BOAT – Twin Toller X10 review by an avid Arkansas fan!

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Years ago we had a Nitro Bass fishing boat we’d paid a lot of money for. Eventually life got busy so we sold it. Now retired in an area with a lot of small lakes I started thinking about getting a boat again. I was at the lake a few months ago with my granddaughter when I saw my first electric boat. I was enthralled…it looked like something I could easily handle myself…

I told my husband about it and we began looking around and, happily, we found the the Twin Troller X10 and couldn’t be happier. I would not give this boat up if someone offered to give us back our lovely red Nitro with it’s 90 HP motor… Wait, I take that back…I would give it up for the Nitro, but only long enough to resell the Nitro, purchase my Twin Troller x10 back and pocket the 10,000$ difference! This little boat easily carries my two fishing poles, a large double sided tackle box (perfect for this boat as it leans securely between the edge of the boat and my fishing chair for easy accessibility), a cooler (doubles as a live well if needed), two paddles, my life jacket, a bucket (to fill the live well and other reasons), an anchor, and a fishing net…Oh, and most importantly, my coffee!

Plus I’m an amateur photo and videographer so it also holds all my camera gear which includes an SLR camera, tripod, 2 camcorders, and my camera case with extra batteries and lenses.

Oh, I guess I should mention that it also carries, on occasion, my husband and his fishing pole. There are two seats, that easily slide in and out, so when it just me, which normally it is, I take his seat out.

This is, quite simply, the perfect little boat!!! And I have absolutely not been paid or asked to say any of this…this is an independent review by a fan of the Twin Troller X10 boat.

Check out my Twin Toller’s new custom paint job at www.beautifulbellavista.com/twintrollerx10.htm. When I originally made this video and uploaded it to YouTube it was because I love this boat. Later I wrote to the makers of the boat and told them how much I loved their boat and they invited me to be an affiliate for them. All I have to do is show folks in the area who might be interested in the Twin Troller my boat and if they buy one, I get paid. So if you’re interested in a Twin Troller X10 and live anywhere near Northwest Arkansas, send me a message! If you purchase one from Freedom Marines, be sure to tell them Dustie Meads (ID # DM101) helped convince you to buy one and it could help you get a 100.00 discount!



Dustie Meads says:

LOL! Wish I knew how to make that happen. That would be a kewl video for sure! And, not that it really matters, but that would be grab “her” and fly away…

artbyerika says:

Thanks for the excellent video! I love how quiet it is – did you get stuck at the end?

Dustie Meads says:

No, didn’t get stuck. Fortunately there was plenty of room to turn around. If not, it would have been easy to hop out and turn the boat around manually in the water. I’ve done it before in shallow areas. Helps when my, well, let’s just say substantial, weight is not in the boat in those really shallow places. 😉

Randy Wilson says:

I just now read your article and I was wondering if you shot any video of your camping trip

Dustie Meads says:


Randy Wilson says:

Wish you had some more videos

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