Lowe Boats 2016 Fishing Machine 165 walk around video and owner review (detailed)

I made this video as a tool for anyone in the market for a new boat of this size and style, so that potential buyers could get an in-depth look at what the Lowe Fishing Machine has to offer. I also made this video for other owners of this boat and similar boats to get ideas on how to modify and rig their rides with rod holders and fish finders.

Sorry for all the umms, coughs and pauses, I was fighting a really bad cold when I made this and was taking a lot of medication that made me space out, and I was doing everything off the cuff so I had no script.

I didn’t mention this in the video, but I fish for striper, sturgeon, bass, trout, kokes, salmon, rays, and sharks, and this boat is suitable for all of those species.

– great boat for multi-species fisherman
– rides great, comfortable enough to bring guests on for non-fishing cruises
– well built hull, solid design, good customer service
lots and lots of room! storage compartments fit lots of gear and are easily accessable
– canopy is easy to raise and lower and protects passengers from the elements

– slow! slow holeshot, slow acceleration, decent top end at best
– the vinyl on the hatches of the live-wells was peeling off before my first fishing trip. had to contact Lowe about it.
– the trailer leaves much to be desired, the guide ons are too short, and the trailer itself is a bit too short for the boat

Please leave any questions or comments you have, they are all welcome, thanks for watching.


Mike jones says:

how is this boat holding up so far?

Jack Lee says:

Rod holders–brand for this Lowe boat?

Vince says:

Great review, I couldn’t of said it any better. I even learned a few new things, Thanks. I have a 2014, its my first boat, I love this thing. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a newer model down the road, that’s if I will ever need new a boat. All the best!

liljason171 says:

Just an fyi, the galvanized trailer is a general upgrade option and not standard to the 45th anniversary edition.

Kenny Garland says:

You didn’t mention Alumacraft, was that also a consideration? Good review, thanks for all the info and honest input.

oosteveo315 says:

Very nice boat man! Would you be able to crest the golden gate with this boat on a rough day? I boat from Yuba to Sac. I want to boat to the delta next. Eventually I want to crest the golden gate from yuba. How much ocean can it handle? Thanks in advance!

Douglas Collyer says:

Looking at a ‘new’ 2016 16.5 model on Tuesday so this video is both timely and informative. If you could do it over again what one thing would you change in your configuration or choices?

John Parola says:

thank you for the information

Randy Hinkle says:

Are you able to use the enclosure with just the top cover and side curtains

Jeremy Gray says:

Awesome honest well done review.

Aaron Lujan says:

Have you took this boat to mothball?

Ryan Bess says:

Any chance you could get me the storage length from the folding tongue to the end of the motor trimmed down? I’m looking at this boat but only have an 18 ft 6 inch garage.

Roland Kovalenoks says:

I am about to buy one of these. How does that bimini top stow away? Dealer dont have any toshow.

matthew myers says:

just bought one. cant wait to get it out.

Roland Kovalenoks says:

Thank you

Robert Marsh says:

I have this boat and I love it, I take mine out in the puget sound and have had it in the mouth of the columbia river with no problem, I do wish I got the 90hp but its whatever. one down side to this boat is Lowes likes to glue there stuff. so the helm is glued to a few brackets underneath and will mine came unglued while on the water, Lowes fixed it using bolts like they should have in the first place, so be careful of that, needless to say I got some free upgrades too. Also not so sure about that plastic prop, I damage mine and cabbalas sent my to get rebuilt and it was only $100 vs paying $200 for a brand new one and when it came back I could not tell the difference

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