Lowe Stryker Aluminum Fishing Boat Review / Performance Test

The Stryker boat-motor-trailer package is an excellent way to go from landlocked to multi-species fishing, in the blink of an eye.
By Lenny Rudow

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wallyp13 says:

LAIR ! This boat is imposible to buy for $ 8.000 the dealers want $ 12.000

Pits McGoo says:

Mine has a 35 hp merc. does 25 mph. I would definitely get the 50 hp engine 20 is way too small unless you fish a small lake.

Jeff Hansen says:


wallyp13 says:

Hey Lenny Rudow are u drunk $ 8.000 for this boat ? Where in pizda mati ?

Zach Huff says:

I’ve got the Stryker 17 with 60hp motor. Excellent boat. I chose it over the Stinger because I preferred the recessed floor deck. It makes it feel like a bigger boat with more deck space.

Caseytop40 says:

No I disagree it is a cheep piece of of crap

Dios Sea Contigo says:

It is wobbly.

Long Shot says:

This is still a nice boat whatever hp you put on it! I’d probably be satisfied with a 35-40. Good video!

C moore says:

I have a 1990 version of the same boat with a 40 Johnson with tilt and trim. It will run 32 by the speedo which is probably less than 30. The boat is great, I am just redoing the interior. I live in Oklahoma and keep the boat uncovered and the carpet has lasted over 20 years. I gave $7500 for mine when I bought it. They are low balling you. Go price a 50 merc 4 stroke and I will assure you you will add $5000. The twenty will barely get this on a plane. I have seen Trackers with 25’s barely move. We have so many rivers and lakes around within an hour I can’t name them all, but at least a dozen. We have a Bass Pro Shops. Everybody Fishes. Jimmy Houston has a dealership here, Roland Martin used to live here. The winner of the first Bass Master Classic lived here til he died and Tommy Biffle lives here. We fish. Lol, I used to live in the thousand islands, too. Seriously, Don’t think $8000. If you could buy that boat for that money, they would run everybody out of business and be broke themselves. Buy from someone near you that makes a profit and can stay in business for service. All aluminum boats are ok. Heck the hull lasts forever.

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