Matt’s new Stabicraft MWS 1550 side console is packed with loads of fishing features making it the ultimate fishing small boat.


Mel Makavali says:

Can I have it for £500.. cheers

Robert Knauer says:

How much does the boat cost and where can I get one in the USA?

Joe white says:

It’s not about the size of the boat it’s how you use it lol

Daniel Daniel says:

Mini Kota electric mota

john smith says:

Lol. Looks affordable.

Surf73 says:

Mean whanau feeding waka bro! Especially the poha station at 5:00.

D Clayton says:

Smaller boat but still a hefty price tag. Everyone wants to get rich quick these days. Thanks but no thanks. If I want to spend that kind of money I’ll get a larger boat. Still can’t beat an E-tec though.

Sam Lenthall says:

Wish something like that was in the states!!

Aaron Garza says:

how skinny can this go?

Capt Daves Sportfishing Charters says:

luv my ICEYTEKS! 200 & 120 divided

nocturnal1one says:

That lil boat is awesome

frostdude dude says:

those tackle boxes should have a way to clip in so they dont fall out other wise real nice boot

DTF 907 Down To Fish says:

How tall are you because I’m 6-4 just wondering if that’s enough go for me

Sunny side Fishing says:

How do you get one or were do you get one

Sgt Taklnuttz says:

It’s a review of a boat but every time he gets to something we want to know about he says go watch the full review

guf fron says:

yg ambil gambar hebat

Ale Gee says:

How much would this exact setup cost? Cheers

tdabreo80 says:

“500 to 600 meters for sword fish”… my ass.. nice boat, but it is a lake boat… PERIOD….

Bob Dylan says:

I think I could find a full review on just about anything at

Maori says:

How much 4 a setup like this

Joe Blow says:

Stabicraft and Polycraft make some of my personal favorite boats.

Olivia Flint says:

if you guys could market this boat in the states you will kill it. especially in the great lakes.

Paul Beebe says:

Heard of HD for your videos?

Poly Nesia says:

Sorry but this is NOT the ultimate small fishing machine coz when you want a shit? Pretty disgusting if you shit off the side of the boat! LOL

gamerscockpit says:

Tell us the price……and where/how to buy one.

Nathan Butcher says:

those fake dolphin noises doe

wingplum says:

Down under aluminum boat makers are light year ahead of north America’s.

ilyBb says:

I fish Lake Mohave in Arizona it’s in my backyard oh I wish I had this little craft Please Santa!

prickly510 says:

When you purchase the boat it comes with everything you just showed?

Arnie P says:


jdblackh says:

Any loose boxes will go flying around in rough weather.  All his boxes and cooler seat need a lock in place connection to the hull.  :/

stoneygreek says:

If that thing was sold in the U.S. it would sell better than assault rifles!

Corretor Fabricio Brasil says:

Hello man

Ron Krzaczyk says:

that thing is tits

Stoner 27 says:

Awsum setup mate

Язь 320 says:


daniel koller says:

Wonder if I can afford it… how about mentioning the fucking price next time. So annoying!

Michael D. Baker says:


jeremy14 says:

Too bad it has a piece of shit engine on it.

pitabreadforyou says:

why weren’t those welds grinded down? it makes it look like a mess

Hello Hello says:

I would love to know the price of this boat your showing. I want one for me and my boys. Thanks

Vernon Sullivan says:

Can’t stand that Heat in the summer man would like a boat small enough to have a cabin with it enough to just get out of the sun and take cover from the dang storms but nice boat

Howard Mora says:

The dolphins are fun until you wanna go fishing!

Divenport New says:

how much money

Peter Chatman says:

Excellent basics that only a fisho would understand.    Can you give me a couple of URLs where I may be able to get similar.  The only thing I’d want would be a centre console as far forward as possible.  I have had a side console for 10 years but don’t like it anymore as the weight is on the right side of the boat.  I have a fridge/freezer hen run 2 x start batteries and 2 x deep cycle 200AH house batteries in a 5.2 metre boat.  I like to be as far forward as possible and a huge rear fishing deck.

Thomas Smith says:

very well done!!!

Caiden coffman says:

It looks like an autistic box

A G says:

very nice~ cannot afford (young, dumb, & broke).

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