My trick to finding cheap fishing boat! Buying fishing boat for catfishing or bass fishing,

Get a super cheap fishing boat, trailer, motor and all the accessories for $800. Great fishing boat for catfishing, bass fishing, crappie, carp whatever!
This was a Gamefisher 12′ with a 9.8 Mercury two stroke outboard. 1983.
For information about how to get boat titles in Va. check out

For the red devil 33/45 rod holders,

Check out my video about driving my pantoon boat through the ice

And see my catfishing and carp fishing video from this boat.

For more information about catfishing and carp fishing check out


gsh341 says:

I got a 14′ aluminum boat and trailer for $50.

The trailer had 2 rotted tires, the lights were crap, the bushings in the suspension were rotted, the wood bunks were rotted and someone had once painted it John Deere green.

The boat was made in 1959 and was made with wood bench seats. The seats and the transom were completely rotted and couldn’t even be used as patterns for new seats. Also, someone had spray painted them an awful blue/green while they were in the boat so the boat had blue/green overspray inside. The bow cap was also busted, the rear corners had cracks and there was a crack in the side where someone hit the dock REALLY hard.

I got the aluminum welded up, got the trailer sandblasted and then repainted it myself with truck bed liner, replaced the bunks, bushings tires, lighting, benches and transom myself, got the bearings replaced by a pro and bought a $400 6hp 1976 Johnson outboard. The total cost was a hair over $1,000.

I’ve since added a 50 lb Minnkota trolling motor, fish finder, 4 rod holders, two 12 lb anchors and 2 seats. I also got a $60 tarp from Menards. Even with all that I’m only to about $1,500.

It’s not the fanciest boat on the water, but I still catch fish with it.

A Normal Life says:

I love that your content is family friendly! Great, helpful material. Subscribed to both of your channels and will be watching them with my son. THANK YOU!

Roger Ruiz says:

I like the video man I to am a father with a fishing passion. Although fishing is challenging without a boat I try ,been saving money for a boat ,great tips keep posting two thumbs up

NM Outdoors says:

My grampa buys a boat every year and he’s 70

Zach says:

For $300 I got a 1972 hewescraft 15ft it is a tank it has inch thick aluminum, I got an ez loader trailer new, $500 and a 1993 mercury 3.3 only had 2 hours on it for $100. I got all that for $900 he got the better deal with bigger motor, but I got a tank

CaliBassin says:

Bro just bring ears not a bucket

757 DIGGER says:

I actually owned an older sears Gamefisher. The hull design is amazing and way more stable than a jon boat in my opinion. Wish I would’ve kept it.

Aidan Brown says:

Can I have the boat

Lester Jones says:

Man if you ever want to sell that boat let me know. I’m in Va as well

Sam Hurst says:

I wish I come and fish with. you

you never know video says:

Awesome idea but in Maryland DNR won’t talk to you without a title

ken far says:

all I can say for your garage as long as your wife our kids don’t move anything then you should find your stuff and you know im right

Diego Avelar says:

I didn’t know that Yamaha made boat engines

Todd K says:

Yes, your wife IS a saint!

Gideon Steinberg says:

35$ to 65$ is not expensive…

Out and About Outdoors With Ron and Friends says:

nice boat. a little one like that is just what you need when all you want is to get away from the wife and kids..LOL Or at least have them at arms length when you do have one or three of the with you..
Cant wait to see it pimped up..

janis vogel says:

pimp out your wife ,instead of the boat.think of cash flow.

michael lawton says:

I would never spend $19,000 on a boat i couldn’t live on.

Ryan Taylor says:

I will buy it from you for 900 lol

cheapEscape Fishing says:

I was surprised when you showed your pontoon boat in your driveway. It looks much bigger when your filming on it.

Alex Ramirez says:

Go pick up the fuel line

Architeuthis Dux says:

What a beautiful family. You’re a lucky man!

brad1179 says:

Perhaps some nice floor boards. Like 1×2 slates that you come remove as one unit, varnised and stained

Fábio says:

12:55 Not judging, but having all the positions that you’ve just told us… how did you had time to accumulate all these stuff at the first place? <;op

Mr. Exoticology says:

Just get a nice kayak and you’re good to go.

Keep it Reel Fishing says:

From your newer videos looks like you have a new outboard. Did the old engine fail right away?

Azhar Aurang Zeb says:

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is children allow you to unpark there things

Cannon Blast says:

Texas SUCKS about titles…………………Bonded title?.. yea good luck with that…

Alex LeMay says:

Luke, what about the trailer title?

Adam Brown says:

What kind of speeds are you getting with that motor?

denrizza says:

I paid $550 for a 10.5 dinghy that came with an old Minnkota 30lb thrust motor. Fixed up the trailer to actually FIT the boat and added a Piranah Max 4 on it for THEN $100. Works sweet for my needs

Marty Browning says:

Thats crazy…All i need in tn is a bill of sale!!! and..We dont need title for trailer…Dont have to tag it…Its really hard to find either with a title…Have had over 10 boats and never seen one for a boat!!

Brice Hale says:

It followed me home can i keep it lol i love you’re video’s man

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