Perfect weekend to try out Banggood’s Flytech Tornado RC Fishing Boat!

Here’s the link: https://www.banggood.com/Flytec-3-Generations-Electric-Fishing-Bait-RC-Boat-300m-Remote-Fish-Finder-With-Searchlight-Toys-p-1281722.html?rmmds=search&ID=228&cur_warehouse=CN


Jason Olson says:

Open the bail on the reel next time….SMH….lol

FPV_EvilMunkey says:

Awesome man had me laughing. Lol!!!

Torch TV says:

Banggood is a SCAM. I’m still waiting on a refund since 2013 lol

Vince Thomas says:

I bought three… and I love the hat.

RotorItch says:

zoroe I love Your edits. Keep up the good work 🙂 Waiting for more content.

Ridi_FPV says:

@8:52 john wayne gacy wore a hat like that too…

David Farmer says:

Very funny, I love it. Is that Lake Shasta?

Pete fpv says:

That boat is too fast..

leeit2me says:

Stick to flying and crashing quads… fishing isn’t your thang…

Tekcor FPV says:

first as always cuz were BFF’s love you bro

Low Sky says:

If I lived in that house I could poop through the floor. banggood sucks, zoroe is awesome. I like to use creamed corn to catch catfish.

ToddTube says:

There’s a lot of weird shit going on in the world, this is one more thing to add to the list.

MR SPAT says:

She said pole…..

Shadow FPV says:

That boat is literally slower than pond water. Haha. Love your videos homie.

Ben Crashin says:

That thing can flick some bait. Must be the master bait champion. #bangwell. Thanks for making me smile today brudder. Love y’all

F. Schiin says:

Thanks for the laughs Z’ !

Glitch fpv Boye says:

omg i love your movies (vlogs) i have followed you since the start with your woops 🙂 and i hope i will be able to do as good and funny blogs as you do but just keep going with what you do

KittFPV says:

0:41 freaking loved this shot

Mc NugginFPV says:

Haha priceless

jakerock workshop says:

Thanks Z!

b00bsFPV says:

hey there guy!!!

MrE says:

Thanks for the smiles, Fella!

Crispy says:

Is that a Rivera in the garage?

MischievousGoat says:

Try launching a whoop from that feed tray 😀

Creeper FPV says:

I didn’t know you were a professional angler!

Info_Kritical FPV says:

I don’t think Zoro has ever gone fishing EVER LOLOL


Love ya dude

SweetThang_FPV says:

Awesome to see you adding Mavic shots back in your videos! That IS what I want!

gnar dawg says:

That was Gnar… Dawg… LOL!!!

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