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Jake takes the Bass Hunter EX out for the very first time and shows you the versatility of this little boat.

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VigilanteJustice17 says:

Is 300 dollars a good deal

Math J says:

Great man. The way You through the Fishing bait underneath the fallen tree accross the river is excellent.

Gabriel Lamas says:

The front end seems really low in the water. Is it because of the equipment?

Ohio Boyz Fishing says:

Too bad u paid about $4,000 for that twin troller, hell for that I can get a real boat you can keep that damn thing!!

Original Safety Pin Lures says:

Those are awesome boats! Bought mine in 2010. Very versatile boats. One man can handle these and if you two-man it, its easy breezy lol. Customization is very easy too. I have a depth finder attached to the seat brackets. Really there are infinite ways to rig up one of these incredible little boats.

Math J says:

Very beautiful place.

joearcher71 says:

If you’re a sportsmans guide member you can get this for $629 plus $80 shipping.

harry hayward says:

+Snapper Slayer go to

joearcher71 says:

Jake, just recieved my Basshunter,outfitting it now to be ready for the ice to melt.I think it is going to be a sweet fishing season.Thanks for the info.

jenks photography says:

Cool boat!! Im a fan of small fishing boats as well. Nice body of water your on.. For a level boat and fishing surface you should position the seat back a foot or so. Nice Vid bro!!

harry hayward says:

+cynthia malaran the seats are swivel

Doomsday Dan Productions says:

COOL DUDE!!!Watch How to catch fish Ep.1(bass) with Doomsday Dan & more>>>potato guns/crossbows/bows/fishing & ALOT MORE PLZ SUB MY CHANNEL THX YA’LL

Two Simple Dudes says:

There website does not mentions price

john mills says:

I would rather have a Jon boat. More room and stability.


I bought a discontinued 6 ft bass hunter last fall, its a great 1 person boat, only weighs 60 lbs

M. M. says:

No Fish???    your system isn’t working.         also your line looks awfully visible……

John Bailey says:

Bass Hunter? I thought that that is what I am, a person whom hunts bass but does not find them.

weflickfishing says:

Thanks Jason

weflickfishing says:

We were actually filming on the Bass Hunter that day, which was why the seat was so far forward.

Randy Wilson says:

Dude looks stupid going across there will h water coming over front he needs a twin troller x10

cynthia malaran says:

Hi! I am looking at purchasing this boat- are you able to turn one of the seats around so the two people are FACING each other? What exact model is this?

58landman says:

The seats in these boats cannot be locked into place and the manufacturer should redesign and repair that problem    If you lean too far to either side, forward or back, the seats will slip and you’ll wind up in the water.   Otherwise a pretty nice little boat for small water.

00JDMSir says:

I have one it’s awesome mate! The best one piece boat on the market.

r0bz0rly says:

awesome! kinda want one now haha

pagan poet prophet says:

buying one tommorow for 489 plus tax ; i like it because i can load it in back of truck and go

RGOD Stealthy says:

A pelican intruder 12 ft John boat is better than the bass hunter and its 57 kilos ( 125 lbs). The bass hunter is 60 kilos ( 132 lbs ) and John boats are all around the best shallow water fishing boats on the market

Legaceybeats says:

this is the best video I’ve seen

kinkorev says:

How much lower does this boat dip into the water, if , say for instance, you had 2x 250 lb+ guys plus gear? I know what the boats are rated for, but I am interested in your opinion on how much lower it sits in the water. How do they handle waves/ wake from other boats? Thanks for your time man.

Kroozer says:

How does the Bass Hunter EX compare with the Baby Bass?

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