That’s Fishing Reviews Transtyle Aluminium Boat Trailers

That’s Fishing Reviews Transtyle Aluminium Boat Trailers


John Rogan says:

the creative process…very profound…I am humbled!

John Rogan says:

bolted together is better…profound squared!…seems like a kit could be sold!

Josh Mills says:

The skids are not teflon.
the material is hdpe polyethylene. 
details and purchase information can be found at: 

kermets says:

You are saying alloy does not give 6:20 ? dont think so……also I see the Alxe bolted to the bottom of the eye beam, not sure that will last. I can see why you need the skids now with that sort of landing the boat, whats the hurry ?

比嘉真菜美 says:

From an engineering standpoint there is a number of issues I see with this set up. It appears that these have been put together without any engineering input. Firstly, the axles are bolted to the bottom flange of the alloy PFC without and stiffeners. This will cause the flange to rotate, fatigue and crack. The torsion suspension adds a torsion to the PFC flange and seems to be a complete oversight as the front bolt is so close to the torsion arrangement, engineering 101 fail. The presenter cannot explain why “bolted give” is beneficial. I see unnecessary movement/flex/fatigue/cracking, loosening bolts, additional areas for corrosion, stainless bolt/alloy corrosion to name a few. Looks like rubbish to me. Smashing your boat in onto the trailer on an angle…. your stuff aint gonna last mate.

Esteban Daneri says:

Hi I am from Argentina, could you please tell me how do you bend those square profiles? I am not a competitor. Thank you very much

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