The long awaited review of my Pelican Bass Raider 10e mini pontoon bass boat is now here!!! This is a very detailed review on my rig, but feel free to leave a comment below with questions or suggestions. I’m sure we can get a great dialog going to help anyone thinking about getting a Pelican Bass Raider of their own.


Pelican Bass Raider 10e:

*Boat Accessories:

*Current Equivalent Lowrance Depth/Fishfinder:
*Battery for Lowrance:
*Trolling Motor:
*Schumacher XCS15 SpeedCharge:
*Cushioned Floor Mat:
EveryStart Marine Battery:

*My camera equipment:

Current GoPro equivalent:
External Audio Mic:
Open Side Skeleton Housing:
GoPro Chest Mount:

*Amazon Associates Hyperlinks

PO BOX 1568
Clarksburg, MD 20871


kennyt8016 says:

do I need to get boating tag, reason I ask is because I noticed the MD …brown card board tapped over the middle letters CG.  what is this number for, and do I have to get a number/tag to fish on local lakes in Lawton, OK for my pelican I plan on getting today or tomorrow depending on how soon you reply.  Thank You

Marcelo De La Torre says:

man that’s bad ass that’s for sure going on my Christmas list lol

Dave Dickens says:

I just bought my Pelican 10e today and I’ve been browsing for what kinds of equipment I need. I found your video VERY helpful and well done. Thank you for that! Just one question: what length shaft do you recommend for your trolling motor on this boat? Once again, great job on the video!

Lee Cabrera says:

I’m new to this plastic bass boat with trolling motors so I’m following your exact foot steps.

I got a 36 min Kota and I found a EverStart 29DC Marine at Walmart (waiting for the maxx to come in stock) need a second because I have a livewell on my boat.

I can’t find a store with the Schumacher CSX15 and Walmart is out of stock.

Walmart has others but like I said, in new so I’m tying to follow your exact steps.

Clay Watson says:

Using a PFD as a seat cushion will crush the foam causing it to lose buoyancy and may cause it to stop working properly.

Imel Ramon says:

Hey brother do you ever had any problem with your transducer being on the trolling motor while running through shallow water? Like scratches and damages?

CrossfitBabe718 says:

Did you get the 36″ or 42″ shaft for the trolling motor?

vq2011 says:

I’m also intrested to see how you load this bad boy on top of your car

ZNoble says:

I weigh 300lbs+ and have been fishing out of this same boat for the past 5 years. There’s only two major flaws if you’re on the heavier side… First is the hot summertime really softens the plastic and the floor warps while standing. You will have to put hard floors in it to stand comfortably. I used 3/4in particle board, then covered with really good/cheap outdoor carpeting. Hard floors provide great places to attach things like anchor cleats.

The second flaw is the seats are too delicate for a big butt. I used a metal hinged seat from Wal-Mart, removed the plastic seat bottom, and made a new bottom out of 3/4in layered/finishing plywood.

I’ve been rolling with that setup for a few years now without a hitch.

canatek says:

Im about to by one of these, how do you transport it? What car do you have?

Matthew Marlin says:

yeah but i am 265lbs, how sturdy would it be for me ha ha ha

malagabee says:

Can this be used around shore or bay for salt water fishing and crabbing?

Kevin Locklear says:

man me and my dad have been staring this boat down ad we are finalley going to get on today, im so hyped

Frank Genner says:

Harbor Freight 4×8 trailer cost you three hundred bucks

WhiteLion says:

Can you please make a video of how to put on top of your car

Fifty0ne says:

I’ve got an 18ft Lund to do serious fishing out of, but I’ve also got a little 10ft water-tender boat that I cart around to the small hand-launch bodies of water right near my house. For one person, it gets the job done with just a base 30 thrust Endura. I don’t even think that boat is 145 pounds, maybe closer to 120. I wish it was pre-wired like that bass-raider is but I got around that with some crafty battery modifications. I have a quick disconnect now for the battery, with the male plug on the end of the endura. I can plug it into the side of the deep cycle’s battery box, and un-plug it when I’m done. Easy enough. No messing around with terminals now.

When I moved up here, I didn’t have this little 10 foot boat. I lucked out and have probably half a dozen small bodies of water(with both largemouth and smallies in each of them) right near the house, and I was gonna need a small motor-less boat if I was gonna fish them. Was a great purchase and it’s held up great through beating it up through hand launches, and bumping it into stumps.

cherylbh70458 says:

Great review..thanks!  Question..I noticed you tipped the boat over from its side at the start of the video. We just got this boat and are looking at our storage options.  I had considered making a little platform made (since it would be on concrete instead of grass) and putting it up on its side, but then I wasn’t sure if the integrity of the seams would be an issue, or if it could handle the stress like that.  Do you think storing it on its side could cause problems?  We’ll likely cover it and even strap it because we sometimes get high winds…but I don’t want to damage the hull, etc by storing it on its side.  Your thoughts?


can you put a foot controlled trolling motor on it ?

oakland002 says:

Very thorough , and clarify everything

plutoplatters says:

great review…

Sinko562 says:

im in the middle of either going for this or a kayak i like fresh and salt water fishing since I’m from LA have you tried this is salt water as far as it being stable? also you said you throw it on top of your vehicle i have a truck how do you get it from your car to the water? again I’m in the middle of a kayak or the pelican and kayaks have the wheels you can attach to the bottom when you had this on its side in the start i don’t really see much options on transporting it to the water to vehicle with gear

oakland002 says:

How’s the seal between the top and bottom, some stuffs like these seem to have a weekends in this area and takes on water especially when it’s raining

Diamond Realm says:

I have a bass hunter ex that looks just like that I got the boat,2seats,14lb thrust minn Kota trolling motor,2 life jackets, a everstart deep cycle battery and a 15lb anchor all for $400

Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com says:

How did/do you mount your transducer?

Daryl Zook says:

does it work good for river fishin??

shreks son says:

how much was this thing

waveali says:

Great Review

Cinnanin says:

I gotta get one of these

John McGowan says:

A very good review. You may have sold me as I am unable to carry my Golden Retriever on my kayak

Richard Childs says:

buying one this weekend and planning on putting 7 inch pedestal on the seats. The Minnkotas come in 36 and 42 inch shafts, which do you have and which do you think would be better if I’m elevating the seats? Thank you

5tormy says:

Love this boat! Nice review.

Dustin says:

excellent video! wish I could find one out here in Az! No luck anywhere.

David Perez says:

How do you buy this boat? I can’t seem to find it anywhere

kennyt8016 says:

I’ve been wanting to get  a mini bass boat and this video just helped me make my choice the one I want thanks

Leo Gordon says:

I’m sold I was looking at kayak until i saw this video , I also noticed your in my Area Maryland

Sam Honstead says:

Can you use a I pilot

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