They Gave Us a BRAND NEW Boat! (2018 Proline 26 Super Sport- Offshore Fishing)

Boat House Marine Center of Pompano Beach Gave us a brand new boat to fish on for the day. We went out of Hillsboro Inlet, Florida on a 2018 Proline 26 Super Sport Center console Boat, for a sea trial. We had a great day of offshore fishing, diving and boating in sunny South Florida. We slow trolled live goggle eyes as bait, trolled planers, drifted with live baits and finished off the free diving and snorkeling for Florida Spiny lobster. Brook caught and released a sailfish, and we all caught several kingfish (king mackerel).

► Check out Boat House Marine Here:
599 South Federal Highway
Pompano Beach, Florida 33062
(954) 943-3200

► Boat we Fished on:

Mono, Leader and Braided Line I use:
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The Custom Rods I fish:
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MrTatts64 says:

Yep! If I were one to play the lottery and thus have a chance of winning it, I would definately have me one or two of these babies, minimum. One with an inboard water jet, the other maxed out with outboard(s). I can remember seeing photo’s of Proline boats a fair while ago and falling in lust with them. VERY useful in my crappy area of the Thames estuary for getting in and out fast with a small charter party, as well as perhaps even commercial fishing, if our fish stocks ever recover to even the 1980’s levels.
You are two very lucky guys getting to play with this beauty for a day!!!

Valiant Freerunning says:

When I make 500,000 a year I’ll be sure to buy a boat from this guy! Awesome video!!! Always great content!

Armando Torres says:

what sunglasses are you using?

Angus Carson says:

Click bait my dude. Just like all of your other titles

Jim O'Callaghan says:

Bet you slept well that night!!

William Parker says:

Are you going to do more shark videos

Andrew Gordon says:

10:50 dat booty is fire

Drew says:

you actually eat those kingfish…. LOL

Rj Rj says:

Clickbait!!!! Smh

Landshark Fishing says:

They did give us a new boat… Just wish it was for all 365 days hahaha. Plenty of videos coming this week!

Gabriel Duarte says:

what line are you using in the bg 5000?

Alex Chervinsky says:

How do you set up the in line planer rig?

luis contreras says:

That’s so cool that gave you a boat what’s interested are you selling your old one

Attention 2 Detail Automotive Towing And Detailing says:

Clearwater FLORIDA here watching

Sribhou says:

I like your videos but not the clickbait…

Vincent Gatekeeper says:

Click bait! You got a free rental is what your title should say!

Cade Conrey says:

How far offshore are u? i feel like i see land in all these videos but ur catching all these deep fish

CPro Fishing With Wayne says:

BG drag is so smooth. Solid day.

PondH0pping 24 says:

I have a question @Landshark Fishing. 

Why do kingfish always bleed when you bring them in the boat?

matt says:

click bait much

Dhane Coston says:

Yo vik, solid edit bro! What camera and lense were u using?

Jay Sims says:

they didn’t give jack shit

riff724 riff724 says:

Hey at around the 7 minute mark can you tell me what spinning rod you are using he line and lure rating and the lb class

Rocky Ed says:

i wish you a new boat brother … #hustle VikBro = Viktor + Brook

Joseph Torres says:

That boat looks sooo nice!

Amber Parsons says:


Cassidy Ferguson says:

When are you’ll coming to the Bahamas again

Jake B says:

what a boat !!!!

Unreel Fishing Times says:

What spinning rod and reel combo do u use/like the best for offshore fishing. I am looking to get a set up for bluefin tuna fishing

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