Touring my OVER-PRICED New Bass Boat!! Is it Worth the Money???

I spent way too much money on my new boat–IS IT WORTH IT???

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BassGeek says:

I agree with the boat pricing. It’s a f’n joke.

Trent Findley says:

Boat name. Saffron, most expensive spice in the world

Douglas bunn says:


Eric Graalfs says:

Awesome boat! Too rich for my blood. #blackslaunch

J Leicht says:

Pheonix is probably the best boat being made today but can’t the lids get bolted on ? I can’t stand screws or pop rivets in a boat. Everything should be bolted with lock nuts. Also it would be real hard to work in the battery compartment in rough water when that lid opens towards the back. It’s easier for the mechanic on the ground but not for the boater. I’d like to see that lid open vertically without a piston. Open it all the way up and out of the way.

Inigo Montoya says:

Sweet boat. Congratulations!

live big says:

Great title. It’s definitely overpriced!!!

Philip Roberts says:

Slaunch reaper

The Fishing Fanatic says:

Way to invest in yourself. You’re going to be putting out even better content for everyone.

Michael McMillan says:

Black is going to suck in the heat of summer. If you had gone with Talons you could run them from the locators and avoid the the huge buttons on the front deck.

Billy Noles says:

Bad ass boat Ben I would like to trade my 17 Skeeter for a Phoenix

jordan street says:

How much was the rig looking to buy a phoenix

Wayne Lagarde says:

70-80k boat

Texas Made says:

Darth Vader!

Sean McDonald says:

Most of the new fiberglass boats cost more than my house payoff .. saw some at the BASS Expo that where over 80K

Chris M says:

I just got a 24′ bay boat, Yamaha 300 and hard T-top. Only wish it was $60k, and I got it for about $10k less than I could find anywhere else. That price was before the (3) 12″ Garmin units, Minn Kota Riptide I-pilot and Power Poles.

Getting Bent With Bo says:

Just name the boat Wam-ba-lam!

Brian Adams says:

What’s the top speed in that boat tournament rig with 2 people ?

Reginald Johnson says:

I’d call it, MF Black Nasty

Langdon Holmes says:

I’m sure you’re still a little sore after that purchase! I paid 66k for my 2016 V-20 and I’ve had nothing but problems with it since. I’ll be trading this fall for a Phoenix 20 PHX. Speaking of Johnny Morris he bought Legend last year and closed the company so now my boat is devalued more than it should be. If you have any lube left over I’ll be needing it lol. Good luck this season!

Neal Scoggins says:

Phoenix is my dream boat! But I agree, a new boat shouldn’t cost half as much as a house! I’ll never be able to afford one.

kameron steel says:

Yeah you right is pretty on exciting I got rid of it and bought a Mako

Chas106 G. says:

Black Betty

Roger Parent says:

The black pearl! Ffs

AJ Harmon says:

Are you still in Alabama?

Ethan Robinson Master says:

Black Betty

Woods2Waters says:

Great vid…and I DEFINATELY agree with the outrageous prices of the fiberglass bass boats. I have a 2011 Ranger Z518, 200HP Optimax Pro XS ($41K) and that’s without powerpoles, and only came with two Lowrance HDS 5’s at the time. I’ll probably never purchase another “New” boat just due to the ridiculous pricing by the greedy industry. Hopefully this Ranger lasts me another 25 years…lol. Keep the great videos coming…always enjoy watching your adventures on the water!

Activebasshunter ABH says:

Milliken TOP bass YouTuber

Gavin Peters says:

the black mistress

Jake orr says:

Solix is the way to go, the g3 is touch screen with joystick

Michael Cross says:

Been looking at new boats and you are right motors are 25000 to 30000 the boat price is not bad the motor I dont know I dont think I need a new one unless motor prices drop

Juan Winner says:

60k holy cows. I was thinking 25-30k.

kameron steel says:

No bass boat is worth the money unless you are using it every day and making money with it no

Thomas Hofstetter says:

That motor is advertised on line for $$17,000 with the prop

Juan Winner says:

Dam you got a lot of storage on that boat. Think you can fit all your stuff in it if you wanted too?

Hayden Marbut says:

I see you at g Ville

Anthony Lawson says:

Awesome boat. But way to much money for me. Iam stick with my Jon boat lol

RuSTY HooKeRS says:

Great video! Even greater boat!! Def a little jealous after watching this video. Just bought my first bass boat of my adult life. Just a small 17’ er but perfect for me and my son to get out on some local waters.. Actually just had it out for the second time and smashed a underwater stump at full speed with trolling motor. No damage at all to boat but trolling motor shaft is bent pretty good… Anyways I love the videos, def learn a lot from you. Keep up the good work, and congrats on the new yacht!! Black Mamba is a great name, however if you go with black Betty you’ll have a theme song to jam to while your traveling 78mph on lake gunnersville!! BambaLam

noyopacific says:

That’s quite a boat. You did seem kind of impatient talking about it. No big deal but it seemed like you were doing it because it was expected of you. BTW, you don’t really need to spend over $60k just to get reliability. Did you have some kind of a pro sponsorship or endorsement arrangement on that boat?

Wayne Lagarde says:

I absolutely hate the look of the new mercury 4 strokes.

Steven J says:

Almost bought a 721 Pro Xp last year, talked myself out of it and bought a practically brand new 06 Ranger Z21 for 20K that only had 9.1 hours on it. But that boat is what I wouldve got

Lloyd Rush says:

Went through all the compartments and didn’t see a life jacket

Bruce Blocker says:

How about the trailer? Channel or tubular frame? How are the brakes? Lights? Ease of loading unloading? Cool hubs or grease? Do they make their own trailer like some other boat manufacturers do?

Jeff Drale says:

Name it “crack oar”

alex korn says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who calls them “oh shit handles”

William Walker says:

Since I have my eyes on something that costs much more money, I am going to skip the big boat and trick out a small aluminum rig for now.

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