Twin Troller X10 In Depth – The world’s best fishing boat. Yes, this is the world’s best fishing boat. It’s affordable, durable, comfortable, extremely stable, and offers a fishing experience like no other boat on the market. Whether you’re looking for a two man or one man fishing boat. Whether you’re fishing for bass, crappie, or walleye. You’ve found the world’s best fishing boat.


Tomohawkfishinglol says:

can you use this in saltwater

Paulpro PP says:

boat seems way heavy if you need to trailer it..small portable boats like that you should be able to put in the truck bed.
more like, worlds heaviest 10′ boat!  

Twin Troller says:

I’ve been told by a customer their son dumped a bait bucket in the boat. Filled the TTX10 with about 1in. of water…fished the rest of the day…no big deal. If you leave the plug out, some water will get in. Not enough to sink the boat. No water ever gets inside the hull. Hull is solid. Motors are recessed in the hull. This TTX10 is truly a design masterpiece.

Robert Brandywine says:

What are the two foot pedals for? Are the seats adjustable fore and aft? I like everything about it but the price. Some of the commenters below have named competitors with lower prices but it is hard to compare because of the inclusion of two trolling motors and the pedal controls. I would want a trailer, the battery recharger, the cover, and the depth/fish finder. How much would that be?

Twin Troller says:

RE: Honda 2hp. Not yet but planned. Most of our owners don’t use them. They get so much run time out of the battery.

Small Water TV says:

The high seats are what makes it comfortable. You can’t tip this thing over, so it’s not a problem.

steppnwolf76109 says:

I looked it up on line….$3419.99??????WTH????affordable???Like hell.

Jason Smith says:

The recessed motors idea is really good.. 🙂

steppnwolf76109 says:

how much do they cost? f it over 1700 bucks I’ll stick with my sun dolfin

John Nelson says:

Ray Scott is also probably a millionaire, so he can afford to buy two. I’m sure he even got a special deal from you guys for promoting it. Please don’t insult the intelligence of those who come here to see your video.

Small Water TV says:

If you ever get a chance to fish with one, I think you would change your mind. There is no other boat like it in the world. That’s why the founder of BASS, Ray Scott owns two.

marvelous fishing says:

How much use tho??

Fishfarmers Videos says:

i like gheenoes better. fast, stable, shallow, light, not expensive and fun.

Twin Troller says:

@bluejay148 The drain plug is just in case you need to drain the center section. Great for washing the boat as well. The center section does set in the water a bit though, so you wouldn’t want to leave it out during operation. The boat would not sink if you forgot but you would get some water in there.

Andrew Stevens says:

For to price I’m sure you could find a used 14 foot Jon boat with an outboard!

Allen Blalock says:

I like it might buy one

Tyler-playz Mc says:

This or that it has 2 trolling motors

steppnwolf76109 says:

for that much it ought to come with a life time fishing permitt! and a chauffer!

Twin Troller says:

No, it will not sink.

GamingXbox says:

I like it might buy one

John Nelson says:

Nice boat but way too expensive! Definitely NOT affordable. Bass Hunter and Pelican make affordable boats. Things that concern me are:

There are 2 electric motors inside the hull. How difficult of a job would it be if 1 had to be serviced or replaced?

Another thing that concerns me is how long a fully charged battery would last powering 2 motors. I can fish all day with my fully charged battery, but I’m only powering 1 motor.

Ask The Pro DJ says:

I think you should of made a place for coast guard equipment.

Randall Van Zalinge says:

I love all the videos posted, I have looked at cheaper boats such as the pelican bass raider, but the Twin Troller seems to have many advantages over all others, I have just purchased the adventure package, and will give a real world view from the people who have doubts about this boat, and I plan on taking it out on large Texas lakes

Dayton Ferguson says:


Small Water TV says:

Ray Scott isn’t being paid. We are 100% honest about this boat. Owners love them.

Small Water TV says:

Try fishing and trolling with a Gheenoe. Not possible. There is no other boat like the Twin Troller X10. It’s not for everyone, especially those that prefer to go fast on the water over having ultimate control of their boat while fishing. The fishing experience in a Twin Troller X10 is second to none.

Twin Troller says:

@sbryson1970 – Honda 2 HP outboard video is up at the site and on our channel

Tyler-playz Mc says:

I might buy one of those

cordelmar says:

I think the seats are to high.

tom tom says:

Can it carry more than 2 people?

joe smith says:

we need this design incorporated into a kayak. I want a motorized yak that doesn’t look like it’s motorized

Twin Troller says:

No immediate plans, but it has been discussed. Thanks for your interest.

Joule725 says:

Better yet, get on ebay, buy a hawk 3 or 4 or a excursion 4 or 5.put on a trolling motor and throw some wood in the bottom. You now have a boat that cost a small fraction of this thing and fits in your cars trunk.


how much and also are the motors good enough to get you through a current or no?

Tankridxxxl says:

Is this real or a joke? 3k for plastic! haha

tony adams says:

is a 12 ft. Model in the future?

Randall Van Zalinge says:

For those of you who knock the price, doubt the videos, and just want to be negative about the twin Troller. I say this everyone dose solid research on any investment, for a very small investment you will have a boat for life, I will never sell mine and I bought it this year in late February, I take it out all the time, no hassles and spend hours fishing not drifting, for those of you kayak owners enjoy the experience of paddling, I’ll watch you as I fish, I will bet the kayak will be sold soon or not used as I use mine. For freedom Electric staff who no how to build a boat cheap for years of fishing, I thank you

Joule725 says:

These things are badly over priced.

Luke Smith says:

it may be thw worlds best SMALL WATER fishing boat. Id like to see someone try to take that thing out on pickwick or sardis.

fuoo ron says:

piece of shit

Gavin B says:

looks like someone took the design from the nucanoe and added the trolling motors

Small Water TV says:

Very easy to service/replace motors and because the motors are protected, service is minimal. Battery gives you 3 hours with both motors on full. This easily translates to 6-8 hours on the water. I’ve had days where I spent 8 hours on the water and only used 1/2 the battery. This boat is nearly indestructible. I have a video hitting it with a hammer. Don’t try that with a Pelican or Bass Hunter. If you get a chance to buy one, John, you won’t regret it. Incredible fishing experience!

SirAndrewll says:

Crocks 😀

pghdave420 says:

wow the price.i can get a badass fishing kayak with foot power (maybe electric) half the price hell for 1/3 of price prob

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