World’s Best Fishing Boat Review Part 2 – Twin Troller X10 – My Fishing Lake In Part 2 David takes you out in the real world fishing with the World’s Best Fishing Boat. He fishes lily-pads, docks, tall grass, under trees, and more.


Jamie Evans says:

gators ??

Small Water TV says:

Very common question, and yes, not a problem. Simply wash down after use like any other boat.

Bizzy Bonch says:

Looks awesome! Wonder if it’ll fit on top of my crx?! Haha

1956tubetime says:

Great little boat. I will check them out further!!!

Elena Sutherland says:

worst commercial i’ve ever seen for a boat. almost 15 minutes of raving about a boat you never get to see. he might as well filmed this in his back yard

Clover Vue says:

i like it if it was bigger for more stepping.

Ron Clark says:

Nice review. Not sure why so many feel compelled to leave the snarky comments

Coldturkey19 says:

Use my deluxe package everyday a bit pricey but worth it with the stability its magic like a pillow for a boat

Small Water TV says:

Thanks for the link Alec. I love for people to see other boats. That way they can see why the Twin Troller X10 is the World’s Best Fishing Boat. The ghenoe is a neat boat but I don’t think I’d call it unflappable. It can’t compare to a Twin Troller when it comes to fishing.

Randy Wilson says:

Love it

Jaye Patrick says:

lol This not a commercial moron. Get a clue.

Daniel Rawlings says:

Can you spin around on the seat??

Kyle Georgiton says:

it’s the best fishing boat for fresh water not salt

Jeffry Ice says:

Can i use this boat on saltwater?

Small Water TV says:

Thanks for the kind words Elena. I’m sure you’re busy so I’ll be brief. This is not a commercial. It is a user review. I’m using the boat. Gee, what a concept. If you’d take the time to search “Twin Toller” anywhere on the net including Youtube you’d see plenty of “commercials” for the “Twin Troller”

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