Zodiac Futura Inflatable Boats REVIEW Pt 1

You can roll this boat up and put it in your closet. We did for years. And yet the amazing adventure you accomplish with a Zodiac Futura fully inflatable boat matches a “real boat.” Check out our footage of our Zodiac Futuras in action in this two part series. This action spans two decades and includes both oceanic and inland water operations.
No other fully inflatable boat matches the Futura’s performance due to its unique patented “speed tube” hull design (shown). Much like a catamaran, it raises the boat out of the water for more speed, more comfort in waves, precision turning/cornering, and less drag. Paired with a strong 30+HP motor, the Futura series is fast for its type and provides almost 100 miles of range on a single tank. We chose and recommend the Evinrude ETEC 30HP oil injected advanced two stroke with its amazing torque and maintenance free operation. However if you pair it with a 100 lb Honda 20HP and a fully inflatable HP2 drop stitch floor (“Fastroller” configuration) the Futura turns into a truly portable, foldable travel boat. Even with that motor the Futura can tackle open seas.
In this free two part Futura review, you will learn about other advantages of choosing the Zodiac Futura: durability, comfort in SCUBA operations, cheapness of maintenance and operation, uniqueness [coolness], lightweight, high visibility color, aluminum floorboard construction, quality of construction, needs no special vehicle for towing, weight carrying capacity of 2400 lbs (!), its console or tiller steered versatility, resale value, and more. Downsides are discussed.
Other brands like AB, Achilles, Saturn, Aleko, Defender, Bombard are considered but all will fall short in either open ocean capability, quality, ease of takedown/storage, or matching the 250 lb lightweight of the Futura Series. The Futura hull design is not found in any other inflatable boat and it provides read advantages. Sizes of the Mk IIC, Mk II, and Mk III configurations of the Futura are discussed.
As a family, fishing, SCUBA, rescue, dingy, or adventure boat the Zodiac Futura has no match in its capabilities at its SAWC standard. Highly recommended.

Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 5 out of 5

[Part 2 is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37iupt7QNp0&feature=youtu.be]

Purchased for review from www.inflatableboats.com
Ph 503-235-2628 ask for Mike Wheeler a TNPr or “Adam,” they’ll take care of you

Video has flashing anomaly around 25 min mark; unable to re-do it

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godofwar2222z says:

lol lost me at french and expensive.

Steve says:

Oh! Rough water! Barf City!!

Anchor Bait says:

“You’re in love with me true or false?”
“umm.. Ture?”
“that’s right, although my mpg may very”

Ride Alongside says:

Voice over volume is too low Nut’n. Your wife was micd up and her volume level was perfect. I turned up the volume all the way to hear you, then she was too loud. Love this review. Looking for a kayak or small inflatable to have a vessel to keep at home and not park on the street.

fudaldeath says:

love the content. … can barely hear you man. :/

I_Kintobor says:

Nice! It’s pretty damn rare to see a boat review! One question though: how small does the Aluminium floor collapse to for storage?

ian ball says:

zodiac/ milpro what is there hq address. physical address? or don’t they exist eny more?. do’s eny one no. is thete eny one who works for them. do they reply to e mails messages etc

arlo12345678910 says:

Dude! good thing they were able to lower that thing.

duroSIG556R says:

Apex inflatables is another good one. There are a few good companies out there that may even be better than zodiac

TheShoelaceBandit says:

audio is really muddy. it sounds like you’re talking into a cup.

Keith Garcia says:

My dad had a zodiac for a while. Such a great fun piece of gear. It would have such a small footprint for storage. We’d put it together on site and off we’d go.

Jeff Stone says:

Coot Boat. I’ve been thinking about buying an old aluminum canoe off of craigslist

Justin Washu O'Brien says:

I’m so glad he is finally reviewing the zodiac!

Donald says:

nutnfancy iv been watching your videos since 2010 and this is my first comment. i also never read comments on your videos as i dont care for the groupthink of most gun and knife communities. i watch 95% of your videos and my favorite being your adventure/ hiking videos. last year i bought a quicksilver 300 (10’6″) boat with wood floors. i bought this boat in order to go float camp the entire kankakee river with my closest friends. i think it would be awesome if you could do some boat camping videos. and also show the loadoat in gear you would take. keep making these zodiac videos plz.

maxo kream says:

we had a ton of flooding down in the valley because of the spillway being damaged. 3 of our guns ranges were under water this past winter and spring.

tony elum says:

Cool. Thanks for sharing.

AF-O6 says:

Loved it!

Verdi says:

Thanks for making this! I am looking to buy one of these, I’m completely new to boating 🙂

Chirechase says:

Yes! I spent yesterday swimming in some creeks with my dog–love seeing the water adventures on the channel. Keep up the great work. TNP is so much more than a gun channel. The Zodiac is cool as heck! Looking forward to Part 2.

blastard says:

My Saturn SIB’s transom separated from the tubes within the first year, despite proper storage. Can’t say i’m going to buy another Saturn.

Jeff Pittman says:

Can’t say enough about the variety on your channel. We all change and it’s nice to see that represented here. I like the “do what I want” attitude and of course the overall philosophy you present. Thanks!

James Hutt says:

nice review thanks for the variety of content!

clangerbasher says:

I thought Zodiacs were universal, I didn’t know they weren’t common across the pond.

Good stuff.

I like it when you review stuff I can own! (And heck stuff I have experience of……….)

Dominique Garrow says:

Thank you for all of the work that you put into your reviews. You helped us to save, and make better decisions with our money.

Outerventure says:

why are so few people liking and/or watching this? i have been watching for years and i love each and every piece of material on this channel

Sarin Highwind says:

Nutn, your cranking the vids out faster than i can watch!

But that music.
Good way to start morning.

Night0wll says:

you are bold for that flag Sr.

Corey Taylor says:

Yes!!! I’ve been waiting forever for this review.

Hawk 777 says:

I had been wondering for about a year why you never reviewed your cool boat lol

xray 359 says:

Careful around that Potato Patch…

Brett Stirzinger says:

Dude! The shark with jet pack patch is awesome on there!

Braap44 says:

True or false?

ian ball says:

30 hp 35/ 40 are better.

Danny Murphy says:

Could one sleep on any of these with like a spacesaver cot or an inflatable mattress? Is a 30HP the maximum amount of engine you could apply to one of these?

Capta Praelium says:

2:27 Allie the Mountain Dog! <3

JJ McGuire says:

Like seeing your pup Allie! My girl Ellie turned 13 today. Another pretty black Lab.

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