2016 Sea Doo Spark REVIEW!!!! Best Bang for the Buck!!

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Nangjelovski says:

how are they on the water are they stable ? is it good for a first timer ?

Sandreon Machts says:

Are jet skis expensive to hold ?

Eric Hurst says:

how are they when pulling a tube?

Matt Hunter says:

I thought these were 2 stroke engines… you just made my day. I talked the wife into getting a new ski after selling our old one (97 gtx) and I’ve been telling her for the past week that these were ones we’d have to mix fuel for. now she’ll be even more for it.

thanks for making this!

Steve Grajeda says:

Great review! I have 2 2016 Sparks. 1 3up and 1 2up 90 HP HO motors. They are a blast to ride. I can keep up with friends who have the higher end Jet Skis. The 3 up tows a tube just great. My grandkids have a great time. My adult son who weighs about 240 rode on the tube and the Spark performed fantastic. So if you are looking for Jet Skis that perform great and are affordable in price you cant go wrong with SeaDoo Spark!

jack nicholson says:

just purchased a spark! iM THINKING ABOUT CHANGING MY ORDER FORM THE 60hp TO THE 90hp. Does anyone know if the extra jump of 30hp is worth 600$?

Keenan Brackins says:

Buy a 96 xp for 1500 bucks and you won’t be disappointed!

Mofo Jones says:

See doo doo scrap! A total waste of money

kaleb cathey says:

Will the jet pack fit on those or do you need a diff model for that

Daffy Duck says:

And to get it above 42 miles take off the govner

wrangler says:

Great review! I want to get some of these for my grand kids, they are still to little to go on them by themselves. But when they get old enough to ride on their own I don’t want them on 160 HP jetski’s, These are perfect for them. Just go out to a lake and ride them around and have fun.
Thank you for the honest review.

gammaraygus says:

thanks for the review! am a little late to the party but glad to have found this

Patrick Pilchowski says:

You will kill it while running it without water

TED Schmitt says:

Why do the Sparks have to be so ugly?

mack etherington says:

I completely agree

Uncle Weirdo says:

Either your camera is wonky or im high af

obie Obie says:

Hey bud I weight 245 would this machine handle well

what the heck says:

Nice set up. Clean trailer.

Southern Style says:

Does is it have a fuel gauge?

Oren Kieth says:

I have a 2016 2 up 90hp with IBR. Taxes, title, and aluminum Triton trailer $7500 out the door.. Naysayers dog the polytec hull say it will not hold up, I’ve taken mine out on Lake michigan with 3-4 foot waves and beat the hell out of it jumping waves for hours without any issues. It’s my first jet ski, I’ve rode my friends older larger model and this thing will run circles around it. I do wish it had a little bigger gas tank, just a couple gallons make it an even 10.
Happy boating my friend.

Jarod Sanchez says:

Looking for a dealer with that kind of price with the trailer I live in North Dakota any tips I am willing to travel

Gerry K says:

For the price a person can’t beat the Spark!

Richard McQuiggan says:

Great review and thank you for doing it. I was looking at getting a couple of jet ski’s but when I saw the price of them I nearly choked and instead bought a bow rider boat. Couldn’t justify the cost. These are perfect, exactly what I was looking for. I agree with you, sure I could spend twice as much but do I really need to go 70mph? Let’s face it, most of the time people are cruising around at 25mph so these work perfectly. The fact that I can get 2 for the price of 1 – absolutely the best bang for the buck

Chris Batey says:

They are awful skis… come ride with a pair of real skis and you will find out why there awful. When we’re doing 70 and your doing 42 your friends are gunna have to sit around for your slow ass ahha… plus with no reverse good luck stopping at high speeds.

GoProEstx X says:

they are very nice skis for the money

Mendicant Bias says:

It’s a simple software upgrade to get the 90hp rating whenever you decide you need more power.

Marcus Lyons says:

What’s the max weight for these. I weight is 290

Mats Fjell says:

It’s 1up if there is 60hp and 2 seats. 2up with 90hp and 3 seats. 3up with 90hp and 3 seats

James clay says:

Fire extinguishers are required on any boat

Doug Smith says:

Is the impeller plastic?

Daffy Duck says:

It’s not the machines it’s the people that ride them

Amir Fanous says:

Those suck

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