2017 SeaDoo Spark – WaterGrom Review

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2018 Kymco Spade Mods/Accessories:
LED Headlight: https://goo.gl/HCMTxN
+1 Front Sprocket: https://goo.gl/TJyPyX
Winter Handguards: https://goo.gl/UhNVVN

2016 Kawasaki Concours14 Mods/Accessories:
TomTom GPS: https://goo.gl/eSgh8K
Crampbuster http://goo.gl/jTS963

2015 Honda Grom 300 Mods/Accessories:
300 motor from a Honda CBR300R
Levers: https://goo.gl/JJdnMB
Gel Grips: https://goo.gl/3deSSr
CB1000R Style Mirrors: https://goo.gl/xzrTLR
RAM X-Grip https://goo.gl/dg3ze5
Lithium Battery: https://goo.gl/NV9phF
SpeedoDRD: https://goo.gl/kh83n5
Front Oversized Rotor: https://goo.gl/gqruos
Front HH Pads: https://goo.gl/YZ7Pnq
Rear Wave Rotor: https://goo.gl/GnFjB1
Rear HH Pads: https://goo.gl/zo27qD
Front/Rear LED Signal Bulbs: https://goo.gl/pi585H / https://goo.gl/V5dtNb

Riding Gear:
Gloves: http://goo.gl/zisjEO
Helmet: https://goo.gl/mBG3tB
Boots: https://goo.gl/i67etr
Pants: Rev’It Enterprise 2
Rev’It Jacket: https://goo.gl/4vGglY
Leather Suit: https://goo.gl/E3ye9E
Bluetooth Headset: https://goo.gl/Q1WbpZ
Camera: https://goo.gl/nzD47O
Bluetooth Microphone: https://goo.gl/4fAMUA


Tippo Tries Motorsports says:

Awesome video Dodge Rider! You hit the nail on the head when it comes to the Spark. Also a side note – the 60hp can EASILY be tuned to 110-120hp for $200. It’s the exact same engine as the 90hp HO, just de-tuned. I show it in my videos, and also the best upgrades. I own a Spark and wouldn’t think of owning another PWC unless Yamaha comes out with the third revision of the Wave Blaster. Funny you say you can’t be out on the water all day – I was doing just that all day on the Spark. With the extended storage bin up front, I had no issue doing so. Anyways, great video!

Kaden Birch says:

So a spark is the honda civic of personal watercrafts… Awesome!

Arun Thethy says:

should be called a boatercycle

ohbogey says:

glad 2 see u like PWC! u may also wanna check out some older models that r no longer made but r still amazing like the Yamaha waveblaster 1 & the Sea-Doo hx they’re both solo machines & very athletic! but still easier to ride compared to a stand-up jetski

jabman549 says:

I’ve got a 3 up spark for a second home I own on a private lake. Speed limit on the lake is 50. It is the perfect pwc for for the lake. My other house is about a mile from Lake Erie. I’m not so sure I’d get as much use out of the spark up there.

Brandon Gamer says:

Damn that looks like a lot of fun!!! If only I knew how to swim 🙁

Xavier Bachop says:

How long does it go for

Bill Nyee says:

Great video!

Toyota Altezza says:


luis545x39 says:


ricky l says:

Great video I also have a video of seadoo spark if you want to watch. Thanks

Crazyc 1979 says:

i know nothing about them that thing that’s plugged in with the stretch cord what is that for

Niels Frederik von Tabouillot says:

taking jetskis yo the ocean? what is hurting a jetski? I have ridden one in spain in big waves (1-2meter) and they can fly pretty good 🙂 It was waverunner v1

Vincent Campanelli says:


Emoney22 says:

more dodge thigh!?! showin some skin!

chevy cruze says:

I want one so bad lol

av7447 says:

So is Spark more fun than an RXT-X ? Cuz I don’t want to blow 20 grand and then realize the cheaper option was the more fun one….. lol

Ramon Lepana says:

Title of the song?

Phillip Grimshaw says:

Just got a 2018 3-up with the re-boarding feature, 90hp, reverse…
Can’t wipe the smile off my face!

GuMpAkC says:

They’re not bad. I always heard horrible things about them and their hull and my friend who bought two of them had his son accidentally smack into a metal dock and it didn’t even leave a mark. The hull absorbed the hit, they brought it out of the water and checked the inside and outside for hairline cracks and mechanical issues and come to find out they’re very tough. Not sure why people spread false rumors about the thing, it’s just a small boat lol.

Bond Lohden says:

I have two spark HOs. Love them

dickdevosboss says:

I have 2 sparks, only downside is the sensitive wear ring, very easy to replace though, the part only cost 50.00 and I was back on the water in no time

Jorge Escarcega says:

I use my spark just to tour and cruise in the lake all day!! not for trick or anything it’s great!

SithLord 69 says:

Thank so much for this video. Always wanted to try one of these water craft. It was like I was riding on it.

William Fernandes says:

7:35 The same reason you purchase what? A bra?

Ben Deco says:

The color of the water is disgusting

Wren Gooding says:

Good review, but the spark is simply a piece of junk. the way the wear ring is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic without an actual metal pump housing or the self tapping screws that hold the deck together or the plastic camshaft gears I think I’ll stick with any other modern ski. Seadoo makes a good product but the spark is just as bad as the 3D! If you want a sporty light ski, buy a super jet. If you want a entry level watercraft, buy a used GTI 130 or VX110 with 50 hours for 5 grand.

Axexl3mm says:

freaking awesome video! I’ve been on the market for a jet ski. might consider this

Pavel Dvořák says:

top speed ?

CatfishSprinkles says:

Can you do a pro-con video about a stock Grom? Like everything someone would need to know before purchasing?

waz00z says:

I had a GTI SE 155 and the maintenance was pretty hardcore after a day in the salt water… do you have any comments about maintenance?

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