2018 Sea Doo GTX Limited 300 Review

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I don’t work for Lake Norman Powersports and these reviews are my opinion on the products. I do not sell any watercraft so please contact Lake Norman Powersports about buying watercrafts. Lake Norman Powersports is a Sea-Doo dealership in North Carolina (19335 H.M. Junker Dr. Cornelius, NC 28031).

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Paul iMan says:

You forgot to put climate control in this ski, and massager seat

Flight Fishing says:

Hey Steve I’m trying to decide between this sea doo rxt-x 300 would love a review of that if possible. Great video as always!

Paul iMan says:

Keep your phone in the car

Uptin Sinclaire says:

They really went out of their way to make them ugly! Wow!

Mike Britton says:

Colors! What the heck are they thinking. Why do the high end models have crap for color options.

Peter Gray says:

I bought this exact unit at jet thrust power sports Lawrenceville Ga Saturday May 19th.
$16,879 plus other fees.

It blew up at three hours and I had to swim a mile pulling the ski and my girl.

I will let the world know how Sea Doo treats me.


Dan Overland says:

Good review, that thing has more HP than my Tacoma haha.

Mark Jacob says:

The color scheme sucks! Looks like a bad case of diareah..poop brown, Why? Other than that it’s a nice ride..they gotta change the color scheme!

Moba Analog says:

Sea doo the can am of watercraft

BossSfeedy says:

Dear Santa

Christopher Colter says:

3 rotor not cylinder seadoo uses a rotary engine

Gardum says:

I can see huge problems in the future with that storage compartment when the latch starts to play up, be really safe when you go over a wave and it lifts up.
How many years did they have it in the front where it couldn’t hurt anyone, did you all think they were all just stupid and couldn’t get past that configuration or do you think, personal safety came first.
I can lay a wager now that this will be discontinued in the near future from either the idiots that buy this or from a faulty latch.

Sergey Sadchikov says:

Nice big innovative storage compartment, untill u jump a wave and fly off with your handlebars in hand ha ha

raeez51 says:

Upload more

Kale Sander says:

Nice review, should be a great watercraft, but my god it is ugly!!

Raymond says:

Nothing like blasting drake whilst in a no wake zone

Shmag says:

Stupid spot for the stereo controls

TheTrooper 98 says:

How the hell can you “review” a PWC without taking it on the water?

TheRusschannel says:

so not worth well over $20k+++++++

Javier Perez says:

Seadoo sucks ass go Yamaha all the way trust me

Paul Kuklock says:

How much?

Kevin Nyman says:

Great vid man! Very good info

Jaxen Effenberg says:

This is the luxury model

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

I wish they still sold the S 155

Kevin Wynants says:

the only thing I don’t like is where the gas filler is at and to change the oil you have to take of the seat panel off other than that I want one

scott thompson says:


Greg Brown says:

Awesome machine.

lets play games says:

it doesn’t have a propeller it’s a jet ski

Tyler Lester says:

Can you review the top line Yamaha fx and gp models?

Bennett Wilke says:

I’m 12 and I wish I had one of Those I bought a unreliable Polaris 96 sl 780 and a friend let me drive her gti. But I wish I had one of my own I will be trying to get a job at 14

captiantim1 says:

did you shit yourself , i cant tell the seat is shit brown

Joe Schembri says:

They don’t make them like they used too… they are like boats now and you can’t even get wet

beatz says:

anyone else cannot watch with this guys speech impediment..

Matthew F. says:

Sea Doo are the best looking watercraft that spends the majority of the summer in the shop being repaired. Sea Doo is fancy garbage. #yamaharules

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