2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 – Long Haul Episode 16

Whoohoo! It’s possibly the single-most anticipated episode of “Long Haul” since we test rode the 2017 Kawasaki SX-R. And why is that? Because The Watercraft Journal just spent four whole days flogging the heck out of Sea-Doo’s all-new, completely redesigned 2018 RXT-X 300.

Riding on a completely revolutionary ST3 platform, the new RXT-X borrows heavily from both its predecessor as well as the current RXP-X 300 to make it the best rough water-handling runabout ever. Oh, and let’s not forget completely redesigning how a PWC is even supposed to work with centralized storage, a flip-up top deck, massive engine access panel and just so much more.

Read The Watercraft Journal’s complete (and very detailed) review of the 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 HERE:

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Jeff G says:

Since you have ridden both the Sea Doo RTX-X 300 and Yamaha FXSVHO – Would you buy the RXT-X300 over the FX SVHO if you were looking for a PWC? I’m looking for the acceleration, towing wake boarders etc and overall great reliability.

RIVA Motorsports says:

Great, comprehensive video. Nicely done!

Carl Szabo says:

Sko poo add obviously. Yami gp 1800 kicks its ass.

sharkcraft says:

Good review bur Ill stick with my FX SVHO

snake jump says:

What’s its full out top speed?

Mal Taumoha'apai says:

Thanks man

Drone Pilot Bob says:

I love my RXT-X- 300 the way it launches out in that mode is awesome, only 15 hrs. on it but its great !!

great like elvis eh says:

If these things get any bigger ya might as well call them…boats.

Christopher Carter says:

I need this!! Perfect birthday gift:) never been on one but this year or next, this will be my first watercraft.

Karen Zulynik says:

great, but pls let us listen to engine less music when riding it… I love how big the engine compartment is. overall, great video

Affordable Air Conditioning & Heating LLC says:

Top speed?

thebubba1 says:

from what hes saying ..a prop change and a good tune and youd be pushing 78-80 mph with 300+hp

Jimmy Davidson says:

Never had jet ski, and want the performance machines. I was leaning towards the GP but now seeing this im kind of liking all the opps for sea doo performance machine.What do you recommend.

Baz says:

You voice was so annoying

Jetski Jay says:

Seadoo doesn’t stand by their warranty I’d steer clear. They do everything to avoid having to cover anything and I’ve experienced it first hand myself, I didn’t believe my friends at first now I see why every single one of my buddies went with Yamaha instead. Seadoo is pretty shady!

Manuel Rendon says:

Very nice review, best in YouTube in my opinion. I have a question though, Why is it that I can’t find any direct comparisons (hand to hand) between Yamaha and Sea Doo PWCs in the whole Internet?

Daniel Vassallo-Grant says:

Sorry but I don’t like the idea of the handlebars being mounted to the storage container lid ,so much lateral stress is placed on this area in hard turns,i sure hope sea doo did their homework here,i will stick with my 2008 RXT-X until all the creases have been ironed out with this new model .As usual its an awesome looking PWC from BRP though.

Jonathan Petersson says:

Remove the background music!!!! Impossible to concentrate on the commentary with that music. Really annoying!!

Laurie Roddy says:

Great video. We bought this ski and the Yamaha FX cruiser a couple months ago brand new. On our first day out we noticed that turning to the left on the SeaDoo was wide and almost dangerous in that it took so long to make the turn. Turning to the right was on a dime. The dealer finally acknowledged the problem but is saying that BRP says that based on the photos they sent after dismanteling the hull it’s normal yet when we watch the videos online clearly the machine can turn on a dime in both directions. It’s now become a safety issue for us and we refuse to take it out on the water like this. Just checking if you ntoiced anything similar in your review. Can’t say I’d recommend SeaDoo after having it tied up at the dealer for two weeks and no resolution.

Jim Smith says:

Anyone notice the seat is all smashed in at 2.17.. You can see the jetski is too small for him at 6.40. the seat isnt designed right.

K Friesen says:

It’s a BADD MOFO period… I dont care what any sissy babys has to cry about it…. I’m dropping stacks in to performance top line maintence, plenty of more torque and more wicked supercharger tuned w/ catch can. That it sounds like F18 jet that turns heads allday…. High Octane W/ Royal Purple max cycle oil every 10 hrs. Enough Said!!!!

Salty Dog says:

Lol the best part of the video is reading Journals cheeky responses to viewer comments.

hicham zrirek says:

fuck please your ass again

texas thunder says:

reverse bucket?

Hannibal Dragon says:

very nice watercraft i love the new design , im owner rxt x 260 rs year 2011 and in my opinion there is two big problem in that new rxt :
(1) the first one and biggest problem the handlerbar integrated to the trunk , fixed by two screws in the front simply screw without screw nut , and two plastic hangs right and left simply screws by three screws and without any screw nut !!!! so if on an old rxt 260 the screws of trunk go away , and need to add new in inox with screw nut , so what’s about a 300 new generation more powerfull and with a handlebar integrated ! perfect to drive slowly on a lac , but to use it on waves do some jumps , or speed in sea or extrem drive in extrem situation waves wind ……. i think we will have some nice surprises …
(2) Second problem , after every launching ( salt sea ) we should wash it out and inside with clear water , right ? clean the engine and put lubricant ! My question is how to do it perfectly without take off the flatform ? that platform let a small space without any acces to the back and the most important place where to clean and do lubricant ! So we should everytime remove all the scraws and they are about 10 if isn’t more . it’s embarassing and with the time the salt ect remove reset remove rest they will deteriorate , the platfom will be badly fixed and the chairs too and it will infiltration ! why they doesn’t done the same chair as the rxp ….

Very sad that inginners doen’t think about it , a beauty and powerfull machine as that rxt 300 and after all these years of experience with rxt 260 since 2010 with all the problems happened , i can’t understand …..

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