2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 Review

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Morte Parla says:

Launch control.. on a jet ski. That’s next level pointless.

Regardless, I wouldn’t touch a Sea Doo anyway. The same exact company that makes these, makes SkiDoo snowmobiles, and if I had a quarter for every time I’ve seen a SkiiDoo on fire or broken down on a trail, I’dbehalf rich.

Dade County Riders says:

Best ski out there hands down

AntiLag BoostAddiction says:

I like everything except the way they did the steering system I don’t like that it’s held on by the plastic cover I wonder how it will hold up offshore racing. Can’t wait to see the 2019 RXP hopefully they shave some weight and make it lighter then this RXTX.

Profit Glen says:

Fucking amazing. I so want one.

mjethier says:

lmao “they have made it easier for maintenance”…”common area access, if you want more just remove several bolts.” Its a seadoo, you will NEED more. Paid advertisement is paid.

Tyrion Lannister says:

I have one and this is my non paid for opinion.
Hull – Amazing, smooth in chop but feels light and agile when throwing it around.
Engine- Chuck it on sport mode and you have all the power you need.
Top deck- seating position is great, storage is huge and access is easy.

Engine- Tank is way to small, can go a decent distance on eco but who wants to go 55kph there whole trip. Full tank gone maybe 30 minutes of sport mode, or thats how it feels.
Top deck- the design was great in theory but poorly executed, came from a 2004 seadoo and it had better build quality 14 years later than the rxt had day 1. Really unimpressed with build quality.

All in all my mate who owns a 2014 kawasaki 300 is always asking to swap skis and go for a ride as the seadoo “is just do much more fun”

Laurie Roddy says:

We bought this rxtx 300 two months ago and love it aside from one major flaw…steering to the left. Ours doesn’t turn to the left nearly as tight as it does to the right. We can turn to the right on a dime but when turning to the left we have to make a wide circle in our lake. It’s so frustrating and has now turned into a safety issue. I can’t believe SeaDoo is saying this is normal on a machine as fast as this. Would love to see any video footage you have turning to the right or any insights you have. In our mind it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen…. Thank you!!!

m101 a says:

Once again top speed is limited by coast guard restriction to 65mph. It may float to 68mph. However a 2002 kawasaki ultra 150 does 66mph. The difference is price and a trip to the gas pumps every 45 mins.

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