2018 Yamaha GP 1800 VS 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 The only unbiased comparison test


Cp3aj26 says:

Hello, quick question I have been hearing that you half to rebuild supercharged engines every 100 hours. Is this true for these jet skis even though they are stock.

Gareth Browning says:

It like watching paint dry your video

Boi imma bout to roast you says:

Let see a race

Mark Jacob says:

Who won??

Steven Rhodes says:

Well, this was a total waste of time! Now onto the video that this one should have been, I hope.

Scramblerkidd says:

I own a Yamaha and Sea Doo. Both have been great. I find the seat and foot wells on the SD much more comfortable. When will Yamaha get away from making the rider sit on top of the ski as if riding on the back of a cow?

Drone Pilot Bob says:

ok red neck here below is the REAL TEST from the PROS not from car sales man

Bill Badger says:

Sea doo

Yolo Swaggins says:

Love the Titan. We’ve got a Titan platinum as well. Great truck, great value compared to the American offerings.

Jetski Jay says:

Seadoo lost me! Yamaha 4 life!

Sejin Han says:

Glad to see you still making videos on pwc’s bro!

dean hansen says:

I bought a 2017 gp1800. The only thing I don’t like about it is I’m 6’1″ and wish the seat bolster was back a little more. Oh and I also put a little hose clamp on the waterspout hose to strangle the flow. I really want to get rid of the rev limiter But not sure if I want to go all out wild with the whole mods thing. I want the motor to last a while.

bryman 86 says:

Your crib is so badass

Carl Dea says:

Shouldn’t you break it in slowly for 10 hours before the comparison?

Martin Reagan says:

Quick talking get to it Jesus

Mark Jacob says:

I live just north of ormond..and this is the question in looking at..which to buy? Yamaha or sea doo? I like the look of the GP1800..both are nice

Hunter J says:

Seadoo- best hulls and handling.
Yamaha- best engines on the market.

Mike Britton says:

SeaDoo Requires ten hours before the ECU allows full performance. I’m not sure about the Yamaha. If you are unbiased then lets do unbiased. Run the required hours to break both in and do another video.

kevinvc2 says:

0 hours…. try this comparison after 5 hours (break in)

Claude Perea says:

My brand new 2018 GP1800 is only hitting 64mph something has to be wrong with it right?

Flex bryan says:

Wow your a man of your word last year you said you were going to get every new model of the gp1800 and you did

Rompa Stompa says:

ok, so I learnt nothing hmm .

clayton moran says:

Hint hint get on with it

brussell639 says:

I like your style. Just buy both, lol. Can I come work for you?

Nick Grigorakos says:

Hey Rick too much talk not enough action.

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