2018 Yamaha GP1800 WaveRunner – Long Haul Episode 17

It’s considered by many (included a few inside of the company itself) to be the most successful supercharged runabout Yamaha has ever produced. Not only has the GP1800 charged to the top of every podium its competed for, but it was also one of the highest selling machines for its inaugural year, clinching #6 out of the Top 10 best selling PWC for 2017. So why is what the online haters call a “boosted VXR” so popular? Because it’s much more than its detractors let on. Hewn from Yamaha’s own super-lightweight NanaXcel2 material and propelled by its 250HP (*unofficial) Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) and 160mm pump, the GP1800 leads the industry with its power-to-weight ratio. Add to it a versatile hull design that can cruise, navigate wind-blown chop, and gnarly offshore white caps, and it’s the zero-frills-all-thrills machine enthusiasts have been dying for.

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Oswaldo Castillo says:

If this the 2018 model do you know if they fix the bad turbocharger shaft slipping? And did they reinforce the part by the intake grate??

Im waiting for dealer to get this 2018 GP1800 in stock and hopefully im able to get one.

kckrol85 says:

GP1800 or RXT x 300?

Gary V says:

one ugly machine. 1990s look

Yaminelly Ramos says:

What about the hull by the intake grate it was reinforced to prevent to crack ?

lamine BEN amine says:


Carlos Rojas says:

2017 gp 1800 and vxr any idea if they reinforced the hull on the the tunnel by the intake grate for the 2018s models ?

There is some pics on that link


Chris Burger says:

Love the performance of my ’17 GP, but it has not been trouble free as I expected. I have the water spray issue near the pump (10ish hours) and also developed a oil spray issue (40ish hours) on the starboard side near mid-engine. The ski was delivered for warranty work 1/11/18.
Not a fan of the white rub rail on the ’18 torch red. Like the seat, white looks fine when new, but it’s tough to keep clean. Great review as always!

Brandon Nguyen says:

Sea doo rxt reference at the beginning of the video

Chase Hall says:

Cool dude make a yama 187

Wanna_be_baller says:

Im looking for my first jet ski i want something fast but easy and fun and i could put some easy mods i was thinking this one anyone think i should get something else

Chase Hall says:

makea sea doo 156

Alex C. says:

Parked that thing on rocks

TheMuddatrucker says:

Stock it’s just too slow! The svho cruiser will stay with it and the non supercharged versions are only a smidge behind and using far less fuel! This things needs to a min top speed of 80mph stock

William Hall says:

Check out this bad ass PWC….sitting beached on the rocks….freakin dill hole.

skankhunt42 says:

It’s already sold out!!!

Kale Sander says:

Great review, in my opinion Yamaha still offers the best PWC experience. I don’t like all the ‘connectivity/electronics/new age ‘over the top’ styling from the competition. This is the one to buy no doubt! Still thrilled with my ’09 FX SHO..

This guy must have one of the best jobs in the world.. If you want a European counterpart please let me know!

DrewEmc2 says:

but not nearly as durable as the sea-doo 🙂

Morte Parla says:

The weight of these modern skis comes from the engines. These huge engines weigh 300lbs alone.

I’d much rather see someone build an 800cc 3 cylinder 4 stroke, with a super charger pushing high boost psi, making the same power. It’d litterally be hundreds of pounds lighter.

West Coast Watercraft Club in Southern California says:

Great stuff Kevin! You are absolutely right. Our club members love their GP1800 Wave-runners. With our club destination rides the YAMAHA does excellent covering 150 miles a day. Check out our club destinations rides and see the GP 1800 in action. Stay tuned and connected. ADVENTURE AWAITS…

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