2018 Yamaha VXR WaveRunner Review – Long Haul Episode 20

Could the VXR be Yamaha’s ultimate naturally-aspirated WaveRunner? We certainly want to say so! With its striking paint and trim scheme, stellar handling, gobs of low-end torque and included electric trim and RiDE dual-throttle brake and reverse system, it’s got everything it needs and nothing else that it doesn’t. Sharing the same mold as the GP1800 and base-model VX Sport, the VXR is cast from the middleweight NanoXcel material (not the lighter NanoXcel2), helping drop the weight slightly below its supercharged sibling. With 180-horsepower on tap, the VXR delivers plenty of oomph right out of the gate, and yet, can play all day long thanks to its 18.5-gallon fuel cell and class-leading fuel economy. Sure, we’re saying this is a heck of a hot rod, but it also can do double duty as a fun-for-the-whole-family toy.

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Tristen Carbonell says:

I’m not gonna lie I was planning on buying a Yamaha but then I rode a sea doo and it looked really nice. However considering Yamaha’s reliability and speed I wasn’t sure. This vxr looks nice and can beat a lot of ski’s

Daniel Cochrane says:

Is this PWC a good all round family machine over something like the GP1800? I want something to take the family on (towing etc) as well as blasting around for some solo action. Basically, will it still leave you going, “dam that things quick!”

gollywog Minecraft says:

Niceeeee like my comment

Cody Bruce says:

So if I were to add variable trim and the vxr racing seat to my VX Cruiser HO would I essentially have the same performance as the vxr?

E5m says:

“little machine”? It’s like 1ft longer than my 08 RXP 215….these new machines are huge and not little?? Or do you mean little on power and speed?

Greg Brown says:

never been a huge fan of the color black being the main color on PWC’s but that color combo looks nice.

Casey Adney says:

If only they made a VXR/VX Cruiser HO hybrid. I want trim AND no wake/cruise control

Feona Lima says:

VXR or VX Cruiser HO? Specs looks similar. I want some speed without SCs

Corey Harmon says:

VXR or GTR 230 or GTX? Out the box, no need to upgrade… Just a good ski to ride around lakes and rivers with friends and family.

Mark Jacob says:

Whats the difference between the vxr and the gp1800?? Which is faster? Which does what better? Which has what the other dont?

Kyle Kayfish says:

Considering one of these. But good lord they are 15k up here in Canada. Is there any lower models with nanocell and HO engine that would be a good buy?

Jetski Jay says:

Yamaha stepping up their aesthetics just wish they would quit going to the parts bin for handlebars. Handlebars are atrocious imo come on Yamaha!

Sam 1001 says:

I have been looking at both the sea doo GTR 230 and the Yamaha vxr which do you think is a better ski?

High performance Vehicles says:

Kevin I just got vxrs coming from gti 155s what do u mean about creature comforts I love mine and can’t find any disadvantages

Simon Fafard says:

Is it supercharge?

Sheryl Carbonell says:

the top speed is 65?

Chris Benko says:

Whats the better option then? This or gp1800?

Crushed Agave says:

Kevin thank you for all your hard work. Best channel bar none when it comes to PWC info! I look forward to every new video.

Casey Adney says:

What’s the fuel consumption like on this Beast?

Alvaro Davila says:

I have an FZ Svho and might ger this as a secondary ski. Looks great and fuel efficient

Nick Di Marco says:

Which one should I buy vxr or fxho

Billy Duplessis says:

Great review Kevin

Billy D

Alex C. says:

That color tho 😉

Alvaro Davila says:

I’d buy a GP1800 if it came with this color combo. GP’s are ugly. Lmao

Stan Durst says:

What lake were you on?

Mark Koehler says:

How does the Kawasaki ultra LX and STX15F compare to the VXR. And why no reviews on any Kawasaki’s. Thanks Mark

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