2019 Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO Expert Buyer Review + Top Speed Run!

We took the brand new 2019 Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO to the lake and got it wet for the very first time.


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Bryan Fix says:

To many storage areas in my 2018 GTX 300 I can sit on the seat and access a super large storage area with this rig you really need to be off of it access the largest storage area

DabbaYabbaDo says:

Good review, nice machine.

Gmtail says:

Good review TFL.. For one you didn’t call it a JetSki, because it isn’t one, and you did a nice job describing all the features.. That latch for the glove box does seem annoying, a strange design by Yamaha.

Troy Mckee says:

Funny my 08 sea doo rxp is 255 hp and only 1600 cc sc

Sylvain Mino says:

How well does it handle wakeboarders or wakeskaters?

Mark G says:

Nice looking Yamaha, SeaDoo better watch out if Yamaha catches them in looks dept then they have nothing on Yamaha.

805gregg says:

Rent don’t buy, fun for maybe 30 min then boring

Ryan P says:

Still squirts water up in the air out the back deck. Shit as.

tyler lester says:

Dont take u serious with marine at all. U clearly dont know much about the PwC world at all

Jeff Brown says:

This is a great review for the average consumer. Ignore the haters. Great job.

Delinquents Fag says:

Yam aha

High Velocity says:

I wish you could lease them, because after a year I would probably want to sell it.

Trdproski Videos says:

I love this new Yamaha but you mentioned it had better storage than the seadoo and that would be false. My 2018 rxtx has more storage space. That touch screen looks really sharp. Nice review.

Corby Sherman says:

The kill switch is an awful design

Going Downwind says:

What the heck is a expert buyer so you have trained and spent years buying stuff, explain please I have never seen a expert buyer

elpeladodelsamba elpeladodelsamba says:

best review i have seen in years! please do more pwcs

--cLAsic-- says:

Do us a favor – Bring Back the wave blaster from the 90’S . Keep it the same size , meaning don’t go
turning it into something the size of a small bass fishing boat like this Waverunner. Yeah PWC have
gotten a hell of a lot faster but they also turned into small boats

Life Flight 101 says:

Does it have built in GPS?

ermiller271 says:

Nice little tikes handle bars haha

Skynet says:

Does Kawasaki PWC still exist? I hope so. When’s their 2019 release date? Man I miss the golden age of PWCs which was the nighties with so many manufacters.

J B says:

My 05 supercharged stock seadoo gtx limited goes over 70. That “strong power train” is nothing new or special


anyone who pronounces yamaha as yam uh ha should not be able to ride one…..

Bob Moore says:

Is that really the way “Yamaha” is pronounced?

Kevin M says:

How good is it when launching off of 10′ breakers?

Bruce Wayne says:

You are wrong on the storage, my gtr230 has that much storage if not more

That guy says:

Looks extremely smooth it appears you can use the speed comfortably and not look like your holding in a giant shit facially as you fly past a boat full of chicks

TheMuddatrucker says:

69mph is way too slow! I’ve got 2009 fxho 1.8 non supercharged and it tops out at 64mph with zero mods ……… 10 years on and this is all they offer!
These things need to be hitting 75mph as standard and the sport ones need to be approaching 80mph
Not just bashing yam for this but all the manufactures are more or less the same!

Steven Zurk says:

Bra you could sit anywhere for a long period of time

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