#25 Seadoo spark kicker sound system test review on jet ski

seadoo spark kicker bluetooth sound system water test and a review on jet ski


001 002 says:

Electronics get wet dont let them “dry” you want to clean them. get rubbing alcohol and remove the water. it will repel it. and also clean it. it dried off.. it left corroding deposits. all this being said…. hull is a better spot.. does it effect Bluetooth range?

Jordan Martel says:

Hey Man, I live in Sudbury, jus wondering if you put this together yourself? if so where did you buy/order the gear?

Brad Platinum says:

Hey man, do you think you would install this for someone else in Ontario? Email me at brad.platinumrig@gmail.com

Joe Molignano says:

Is there anyway I could pay you to do it because I’m looking to get them on mine

Christoffer Nielsen says:

Whats the jet ski Called

Alejandro Bravo says:

Love ur vids pls hart my comment I actually love them

AdrenalineJunky says:

That sounds awesome even when hulling ass.

I RIDE 705 says:

Love this sound system, if I had to do it all over again I would buy the exact same setup!!

Pat says:

Thinking about just mounting some Bluetooth portable speaker that has ip67 rating

Shaun Koppenhaver says:

Hey I RIDE 705 what is the name of your phone mount?

Young_klutchh says:

What state is this?

Luke Purcell says:

Good video but damn dude chill out with the intro

James Wes says:

Are you still able to spray down the engine even with the amp in that area?

Noo Refunds says:

Can you give me the link to get the speakers please thanks!

kevin romero says:

I love the fact that you explain the jetski while driving around. I love your videos!!!

Daniel Mullen says:

What gauge wire did ya use for the on/switch to the battery ?

Roy Patience says:

Love the videos. Would be awesome if you could do a vlog setup. I’m especially interested how you get you mic waterproof when in the water eg.

jaxon258 says:

Hey man what year spark is that?

David Ciangiulli says:

Awesome Video dude. I just got a 2017 GTRX230 and looking for a setup. Do you recommend this system?

Joe Molignano says:

If I end up getting them

Jeff Bryner says:

I would end up sticking my big toe right threw the speaker lol. I’d never use the radio in one. I’d rather listen to my exhaust but it’s a little loud to hear a radio haha.

Grant Dryburgh says:

You mentioned the amplifier itself wasn’t actually waterproof but I’m assuming the control panel you have mounted on the port side is fully waterproof ?

Looks like a great setup for the spark 😀

ToxaN says:

what is the song’s name

Georgia_Dawg says:

Hey man. You are the shit! Because of you, my wife and I got some of the first Trixx in the Southeast U.S. We are having a blast with them! I know you would like the Trixx. My question is this; What is the iPhone case you use that is mounted to your handlebars? I need something totally waterproof for when I put the belly up. It looks kind of like a dive case, but I’m not sure…

Mason Hart says:

Is the reason you wear a helmet so you can keep water off your face and record and well

Painters Unlimited says:

First off: Bad damn ass!

Do you have a link to where to buy? IE: Amazon, or whatever?

Question: when you installed did you cringe a little? :/

James Franco says:

Did you have to shave the styrofoam inside the hull to fit the speakers there?

Sequoia Schlichting says:

You should do a detailed tutorial on how to do this

ascrazyasitseems says:

what up I ride 705, did you buy it on amazon or ebay or something like it? about to buy a spark and this system is a must for me hehe! Keep the good work going!

/ Love from Sweden

Jerry Williams says:

Ride on man love the setup. Many ideas coming my way thank you!!

Evan Cunliffe says:

Question? If u roll the ski will the speakers hold that pressure of the water? Would they go bad? And would it leak into the hull

Nick Hughson says:

I installed this same system in my last ski. Its a nice setup however it does not have enough power to hear when WOT. You cant really hear much with the wind noise its like sticking your head out of a car window going 50mph.

My current setup can be heard at any speed. If you want more power I would highly suggest it. KAC-M1824BT I had to do my own waterproofing to it just in case but it pushes my Polk’s to their limits.

d k says:

i bought the kenwood with boss marine speakers

Chase Vallin says:

Where at specifically in the hull did you install the amp? And how did you secure the amp in the hull ,screws?

Jeffrey Desjardins says:

what cam setup are you running to get the interior, exterior audio?

Daniel Gärkman says:

what do you prefer kenwood, boss marine or kicker??

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