#27 60hp vs 90hp seadoo spark jet ski comparison and how to enter sport mode by I ride 705

I ride 705 reviews the difference between 60hp sea doo spark and 90hp , also the run down on touring vs sport mode


mipilot30 says:

asshole leave the ducks alone. What a punk.

Master Proef says:

you’re a retard

Roger Herman says:

Would people prefer a 90 3up over the 2 up if cost wasn’t an issue. Some lakes might require a 3 up to pull skiers or tubes. I’m thinking of a 2up with IBR would be fine. Does the 3 up extension change the handling of the craft? Thanks

Brian Wagner says:

alright here’s my review of the sea doo spark…..(squirrel) ….. yeah so the 60 and 90 are the same as (squirrel) …… and so yeah there ya have it the difference is (squirrel) thanks you tube.

Trent Crull says:

I RIDE 705 I heard the hull is still made out of a reused plastic have you had anything on the spark hull body snap or break? JW looking to buy into the brand. Also I heard that to pull anyone or thing behind the craft it is supposed to be a 90 type. Do you know in CAN vs US what your local laws say?


Jason Danos says:

Did u add the speakers?

what the heck says:

As soon as you messed with the ducks you lost me. You asshole!

Damian Samuell says:

How did u get the speaker in the. Spark

Wiliamgillespie Vlogs says:

this is the do it with Dan of jet skis

eze dogman says:

‘Lets fuck up the invasive species’ lol….timeless

charlie medd says:

You are a monster. Why would you do that? F*** up

funny memes says:

I subscribed no joke

Zane Smith says:

How do you record your audio I am trying to start the whole vlog thing but with my blaster

Phuck Liberals says:

how close is this to tyson lake?

dorull83 says:

Reported the video btw and i hope more people do. I used to watch many of your videos but you shown yourself like a freakin idiot.


I don’t why everyone is squeezing there testis over a fucking duck it’s not like he ran the ducks over that’s what YouTube does the find the SMALLEST thing and say how he is wrong or he is dumb when really it’s just an asshole who thinks there doing the right thing

Nathan Soter says:

Where is that waterway and is it freshwater

BIOHAZARD-42 says:

I have a 300 hp GTX 300 sure it’s way faster and it’s got more torque but these in the video are far more efficient

BoogSteeL Xxx says:

dude where are you riding at? that place is beautiful

Red Fort Productions says:

Hey man what kind of mount are you using for your iPhone in this??

Chris Guy says:

You shouldn’t be on a ski. You’re the reason why jet skiers are targeted by authorities. You’re one serious tool – as for anyone sending you anything to test – ain’t gunna happen, no company on the planet would want you testing their products. Fucken bowling ball – take up tennis and leave our sport alone.

Stunted Crew says:

What country are you from

michael says:

its actually picking your location up from 3 antennas…not a satellite. Your GPS system, along with EVERYONE else’s GPS system is run from antennas, not satellites. It’s called triangulation. Other than that, good video.

Savage Raider says:

Hey bro u make some kik a$$ vids and very much appreciated but wake splashing the mama duck and her babys was a straight dirtbag move. Come on man ur better then that.

Paul Andrew Rust says:

dam u man fell outa hammock and woke people up inside the house

Paul Andrew Rust says:

great material to toke and watch

agentgrb says:

I’m at the power sports shop today and who voice do I hear… I Ride 705 it was playing on a screen above the sparks. It was funny because it was the part where you were explaining how the lady thought you were crazy because you talk to yourself. Good shit look forward to more spark vids as the weather warms up.

tat2jaytee says:

your a dick

Edmond Weinfeld says:

where is this???

Skimnek Vlogs says:

Love how you have to try and kill everything. Subbed

steve wujek says:

thats some nice water. sounds quiet too

dorull83 says:

subscribed to this channel but you are being a complete asshole disturbing those ducks.

Dom De Quoy says:

is the fuel consumption good on these things? I want to buy one to follow my friends on boats!

RaptorRider250 says:

I RIDE 705, i saw for a slight second near your feet, did you install those speakers yourself? if so, were they hard to install?

arethouready says:

does a drive by past the ducks then “Awww they so cute” lol

fernando feliciano says:

this video is the shit!!!!!!…..we need to ride together someday bro

sawyer tabit says:

Never seen a jet-ski vlog before…sweet

Mofo Jones says:

60 hp, 90hp, they are all a piece of plastic shit!

My Damn Channel says:

man that water is clear

saratj1 says:

water clarity messed me up I was thinking oh better watch out you gonna suck some dirt up your spark, then he mentions he was in 20ft of water which looked to me like 5ft

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