5 month review Yamaha GP1800 absolutely incredible

absolutely incredible The GP 1800 hands-down is the best Jet Ski ever built

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Brandon Alvarez says:

You don’t own anything

Scott Henderson says:

I’ve got one, it’s a crotch rocket on water. Quite honestly I don’t see why anyone would feel the need to mod it out to achieve higher speeds, mine is plenty quick in stock form.

blake dawson says:

How is it on gas I have the Kawasaki ultra 310 IT IS A DRINKER!!

Wayne Holland says:

Nice jet ski I’ve got a Sea-Doo GTX supercharged but my friends have got Yamaha GP1800 I would get a Yamaha GP 1800 but the only thing that puts me off is the water Fountain at the back but Yamaha is meant to be more reliable I would like to see your Facebook video but I can’t find you on there

Robey Reddzz says:


Brandon Alvarez says:

Awesome when your a lire and nothing you say is true

Claude Perea says:

Can you upload the video that you have on Facebook of you racing the seadoo rxpx300 to ur YouTube channel because I don’t have Facebook? Thanks!

Cody Bohachek says:

Looking at one of these for next year, but curious about the SC clutch. Any issues with yours or idea how long they are typically lasting now? Most of the issues seems to be from 2016 and earlier. Doesn’t look bad to change at home from videos I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t want to be dropping a new one in every few months.

Jayy Car23 says:

so no more bigfoot huh.

Brandon Alvarez says:


DIY Dan says:

I bet the fit and finish is 2x better than the Sea Doo. Sea Doo quality seems to have gone down hill as of late.

dean hansen says:

I got mine just before memorial weekend. Love it! Even stock the exhaust note sounds so sweet @5000 rpm and enough deep hummm tone to make people think it’s a serious machine. I quickly learned one must put octane boost and or some fuel quality improver in the gas. 91 minimum is no joke and it really does make the motor run smoother. I’m 6’1′ and do wish that seat bolster was back a bit more. I was racing a 2015 FZS with a stage 1 and could almost keep up with him. It’s hard to believe what the ride will feel like when I take the RPM limiter off this winter. Will do a Riva stage 2 off season so I wont miss any weekends. We got a short riding season here in Alaska. (Big Lake) Also I notice the ski is so light that it pops out in chop and being a bigger person actually helps keep it down feeding the intake. Fuel consumption? Ya, it’s a hog. Worse than my old GP1300. But we got to help relieve the world of it’s oil oversupply problem somehow.

Scott J says:

Yo! Post the race on youtube! Cant find the FB post…. Nice ski btw!

Tuning Fork Marine says:

i still prefer a FZR SVHO over these VX-SVHO. even thou the name is GP its a VX. also they have intake grate failures on the bolts from the bottom, so take a peak down there now and then, to see if you have any stress cracks.

hemiowner105 says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Hopefully I’ll get to buy one at the end of the year. Thanks for the review.

KR Bassin says:

I’m getting a EX n GP1800

Scott Coleman says:

The GP1800 is maybe the best ski ever built for going in a straight line ill give you that. It is not even in the same world as the new RXP as an all around fun fast ski.

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