First 2016 Seadoo Spark 2up Review

Seadoo Spark Review – Everything You Need To Know

For Sale at Lake Norman Powersports in Cornelius North Carolina


940 RC says:

Hey Steve, I live in another state (TX) or else I would buy from you. Quick question for you. Now that the 2016 sparks are released, what is a good ball park price (out the door) this time of the year for a 2015 3up IBR model? Thanks.

Double GG says:

+Steve Lovelace how much money you need to buy this ??

DillonLeBlanc14 says:

in all honesty what you did here I can do my self at a local dealer. you can’t do a review unless it’s in the water.

Jordan says:

green is gay as fuck

Cold Liquid HD says:

Good Video Steve !!!

KNOTO RC says:

Nice video what camera Re you using?

Red Raider says:

Would one of these be strong enough for the fly boards and all of that?

Wipsplash says:

I own an older Seadoo. Easy to work on and made of fiberglass. The new Seadoos are plastic and a pain to get to the engines. It’s a shame they went that direction.

David Buchanan says:

Gonna share this across a couple “review pages.” Just got my 2016 3 up 90 HP with IBR convenience package. So, what I kept hearing is this is a perfect “entry level” jetski. I really hope they only mean price point because this jetski is intense. It pulls harder than any jetski I have ever been on. Top speed is 50 (not the fastest) but it is hands down the QUICKEST. It is NOT for beginners at all. (But that is exactly what I was hoping for when I bought it). It is tons of fun to spin around, jump waves, and get thrown off. Also it tows better than any ski I have ever used (cause it is so light it has no drag from itself, just the tube/skier/etc.). So I actually recommend this for advanced riders, and it’s just icing on the cake that it is the lowest price point out there. Now the fuel economy is not as amazing as they publicize, but I have no doubts that it is still better than anything else you can find. And I’m no sea-doo, or yamaha enthusiast. Both make some great jetskis. All I’m here to say is the Spark is crazy fun and point out my opinion of who should be riding these things.

Boznian_25 says:

nice video ,im planing to buy 2 of these , are you guys selling this around Kansas City area

Trainer says:

it’s a really good entry level jet ski. I’m getting one next year when I can get my lisence.

Summit 600 says:

Those new sea doo colours look awesome!

Aaron Hinojos says:

Would of been awesome to see the engine and hear it start up ! I mean it has a closed cooling system ! Can’t you run these bad boys all day out of the water ??

wildturk79 says:

That big gaping hole is what has kept me from buying one of these…. They should include storage with the base model.

alan norte leeks says:

2 much cheap plastic….i dont like it personaly

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