H3X Water Jetpack! | Use Your Jetski For Personal Flight!


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Episode 22 – H3X Water Jetpack! | Use Your Jetski For Personal Flight!

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Like I said I always wanted a jetpack system ever since I was a young kid. Ever since I saw the movie The Rocketeer. Personal flight with a personal jetpack was always a distant dream!

Well with the invention of the water jetpack, that dream was made a reality!

The H3X Water Jetpack works with your PWC (Personal Water Craft) like a Seadoo, Jetski or Yamaha.

It works by taking all the water thrust from the PWC and redirecting it up a 4 inch fire hose. Sending all the water into the jetpack and out the two water jets which give you thrust to actually fly.

The H3X is made by a company located in in China called X-Jetpacks. The kit cost me $8500 which included the Jetpack unit itself, 50ft hose, U bend and quick steering adapter.

The company also makes a foot mounted jetpack kit called the Jetblade. Although this unit looks like a lot of fun to fly, I have a bad right knee and this would just be asking for trouble flying it.

There is also a company located in Florida called Flytronics which offers a wireless throttle kit where I can remotely control the PWC throttle. This would eliminate the need to have a throttle operator on the ski which would give you complete freedom to actually fly yourself 100% Just like the Rocketeer did in the movie!

I’m excited to be involved in the is new emerging genre of water sports. It will be great to see how the sport progresses and what advancement are made.

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Simone Testa says:

where are you? we are waitin for one new video man

The Flaming Slime says:

thats loud

russell Duffy says:

Where do you get the money to buy all this, I mean 85,000 dollars is a lot!

WannaBeAssassin says:

hey man nice video! can you give me a like of the song you used in the beginning?

Fun For BD says:

plzzz ..brother give me just one laser light

Stephanie Hester says:

flyting man

cvprepboy says:

Hi Jeff, great video. Question? Why did you go with that company instead of JetLev? I have been looking at both companies, and having a hard time of choosing. But the difference I see is that jetlev has self pilot throttle. Any input would be great. Love the video..

Juan Lopez says:

that. is super cool i bet it was super fun

kevin roe says:

You should try and get sponsors they would probably pay for a lot of the gadgets you find so you can make more videos, with out spending your own money all the time.

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Cheese Siege says:

Dude you are amazing. You know what else would be awesome? You replying to this message

Montana_man06 says:

I sense greatness in this channel. Btw great video!

Landon Seferi says:

Lucky asshole

Josh Hlinka says:

That is badass man!

illuminism says:

I wouldn’t show a cars license plate, whether yours or not, just my 2 cents awesome vid

Joe C. says:

Interesting I love your reviews lots of cool shit! I also live in WA also and also live in guangzhou China half and half out of the year. also bring products here to sell. and vice versa. glad I found your channel I wish I had the time to play with all the cool toys too.

Marie DeWitt says:

I love this channel!!! Keep it up.

Drewpsufan 2 says:

Love your channel so much

Johsiah Luciano says:

anal beads lol

Daniel Shakeri says:

anal beeds hahaha

4Kanka Oynuyor says:

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Vilhelm Biro says:

Can somebody tell me the background music’s name ,pls 🙂

Morty Smith says:

” if you’re freaking out and drowning or something just feel for these four anal beads.” Gadget Jeff 2017

George Clarke says:

¡Dude! Your nearly at 10k subs! 😀 keep up the good work you are rockin it!!

The Flaming Slime says:

I like your videos its awsome

Pedro M Gomes says:

can i use this on salt water?

Amirnake says:

” I have a black hose, why would I wanna upgrade to a white hose?” Comedy gold right there. Everybody can buy gadgets but not everyone can do it like Jeff! Hahahahahah This is the only channel I constantly check for new videos…:D

Jonathan Nix says:

My uncle just got a jet ski and this jetpack! My summer is about to be sick!!

Amirnake says:

Nice…Throw in a pricey gadget like this or that phantom every now and then to keep the hype up. And keep feeding the channel with steady flow of interesting other gadgets. This channel will be very successful.

Erlend L says:

Everyday im looking…. Not a new video, come on man! Keep it up:-)

Honudes Gai says:

Im curious if you could write this off as a business expense for your channel, if you have your channel registered as a small business, alot of big time youtubers write off sillier things

ItsVally says:

Why does this dude have more subs! HES AMAZING

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