Kawasaki vs. Sea-doo

Not sure which performance watercraft to choose from? Let Austin help you choose between Kawasaki and Sea-Doo. Still not sure? Come take a test ride.


coxman007 says:

First off all as far as the Kawasaki goes your talking bullshit all day of fuel haha bullshit reliable bullshit storage it sinks proven, fast acceleration yes sound system head unit falls out in rough water yes . Sea-doo 300 coolant lines fall off causing the ski to over heat not reliable proven facts on both.Now if u want reliable Kawasaki get the non supercharge models or sea-doo 130 or 155 but I f want real power and reliability buy a YAMAHA END OF STORY I HAVE OWNED ALL THESE SKIS AND THE BEST ONE IS THE YAMAHA I OWN 2015 FZS

Robert Harvey says:

Great job Austin, We just bought ours from you and they are a blast!! We love the Seadoo for salt water. And Austin was a great help in picking 2 for the families needs. Spark and a 230 perfectly matched. Best of both worlds.

Alba Rosales says:

Sea doo is more best

Dennis Morris says:

I will buy a kawasaki 310lx in the spring, I’m done searching.

Jeff Keenan says:

loving my ultra 310 not a single issue and yes the 20 gallon tank will last about 50 miles of wide open throttle 1-2 hours or in eco mode over 100 miles of cruising.

Juan Trump says:

hey at least he’s not comparing it to Yamaha

TIm JOyce says:

I never rode Kawasaki I have seadoo I wounder how Kawasaki is better

Kid Salami says:

Kawi wins every time lol

Dennis Morris says:

u will respect my authority.

kool bacon says:

I love this review because its not just bashing the other brand

Maloy7800 says:

A sound system!? So now the dork assholes will not only spoil everyone’s swimming but also be noisy? Fucking thank you, Kawasaki! I hope they all park on your beach!

Marco Fiorenza says:

This guy is just talking out of his ass. Doesn’t know a thing about to PWC performance

Jess Roberts says:

Those 310 ultras are HUGE. I had a 2004 kawi 1200 first year of the smart stear, it developed a horrible engine knock at about 60hrs. Got two new sea doos gti 130s so far so good but damn there loud. Go with yamaha there like the energizer bunny.

Jak Stone says:

How about the 310r

brent Jones says:

Great review, I like the Kawi! Go good with my 2016 kx250f ahahaha

William778 says:


Kyle Farrell says:

Bought an Ultra 250 in 2007 and a 300x in 2014. Never had any major issues with either. Oil changes every 25 hours, flushed every use, used Salt-away with every flush, and winterization were the only maintenance I ever had to do. Only salt water riding across the Long Island Sound. Never had any reliability problems what so ever. Traded the 250 in at 186 hours and the 300x in at 60 hours. I have however seen plenty of Sea-Doo’s bobbing up and down with just the top 3′ of their bow sticking out of the water. I think the key with any boat/PWC is good maintenance. All the people I know who fall short on maintenance never seem to get more than 3 seasons out of their machines.

iron life says:

I have a 2015 hulk ,and there bigger and faster and have mp3 and speakers..love it,seado is to chopped up like legos and small..

Dave L says:

seadoo jetski are amazing i have 216 rxp 260 2012 gti and a kawaski ultra 310 and the rxp is the best ski on the market

Leonardo Leon says:

the most powerful supercharged is Kawasaki

Dennis Morris says:

kawasaki is btr.

Bostrovas says:

Kawasaki console is trash

Ricky says:

sea doo has the most powerful jet ski, rxp-x 350 racing

ClubMayview says:

by all day on the water he must mean 5 hours.

Tommytorque69 says:

Nice explanation!!

Jet Ski says:

Seadoo is a junk ! Kawasaki is only good for start up speed in choppy water .
And yamaha FZR will eat both of these jet skis on top end in “calm water”. Not to mention amazing and reliable yamaha marine motor.
But between these two kawasaki is a win.

AV8R Tom says:

I’m considering the Sea Doo GTX 300 Limited. Lots of nice features, but the sound system on the kawi is nice too… decisions decisions…

Christian P.R. says:

You realize that 20Gal of fuel tank does not mean all week in the water right? If you are actually going full throttle and having fun it will only last a couple of hours! Remember having a big tank does not mean is fuel efficient! It actually means is Fuel Deficient!

Chris Burger says:

Sea-Doo’s are made in Mexico. Yamaha’s are made in Georgia while Kawasaki’s are made in Nebraska. No surprise Sea-Doo is having well documented quality issues. Just read the forums.

tim bb says:

I hear Kawasaki is the way to go but the Sea-doo dose look cooler. I understand you sell both watercraft but a little more info would be nice things like top speed which one is better in ruff water etc. Good Video

William778 says:

jetski is fun for like 30 mins, then its just a boring thing…. dont buy one… u will regret, and its Waste of Money.

2Wheels 4Life says:

holy fuck that kawi is ugly af.

Coconut Ninjer says:

from South Florida to the Bahamas, which will be better? will Kawasaki save time? fuel?

Leonardo Leon says:

Kawasaki is very stable in the water and very fast ( original 69 mph) First stage ( 76 mph )

That guy says:

Love how far skis have come…. But I still look at my 99 ultra 150 and say fuck it. It’s fast and still floats

Dennis Morris says:

see doo’s are made in Mexico, no thx.

Mrxmatrix 2112 says:

Seadoo is the best

MJF&P says:

This guy doesnt know shit … must be a paid actor..

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

Kawasaki’s are higher maintenance and have more problems.

Leonardo Leon says:

for me Kawasaki is the best

Ted Bäckman says:

Thanks, great info! . But please remove the annoying music next time.

R Lyle says:

20 gallons gets you all week on the water? maybe if you are using a paddle!

Joe La Roche says:

what’s the fadtest

W Jansen says:

Nice seadoo!

Brandon Yow says:

I just think seadoos are the best looking jetskis. Especially the 2016 sparks.

victor aune says:

I cant hear the guy over the music

jorbedo says:

the new seadoo 300hp broke a cylinder in last mark hahn 300 race in the stock category, brand new metal coating process looks not so good!

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