MY 5 MONTH REVIEW 2017 SEA-DOO SPARK 3 UP I probably won’t keep it.

MY 5 MONTH REVIEW 2017 SEA-DOO SPARK 3 UP I probably won’t keep it. Overall it’s a great SeaDoo Spark and extremely good value for the money but there is one thing that makes me think I won’t keep it for another season.


Nathan Tiemeier says:

Lol, that’s what I love about it! It’s light and can jump waves like crazy. This is the dirt bike of jet skis. Definitely not your comfortable “normal” ski. Personal preference.

tim firestac says:

tip, dont ever fill your tank all the way up. you really arent supposed to.

Fix Break repeat says:

You gotta stand up and RIDE IT In rough water of course it’s gonna beat you sitting down

Nik Cissell says:

Riding mine for the first time tomorrow. Ive had jetskis all my life and i perfer the rougher riding ones. Makes for a fun day.

Jeremy Nelson says:

If you had bought a gel coat finished machine, you would have a 17,000 machine that looks like crap now too. You got to buy the sea doo cover and get it out of the sun when you are not using it.

DabEz ko says:

Your beat because you sit down and ride

Landon Dinecola says:

Hey man a word of advice. Take a propane torch and lightly go over where it has faded. It takes the fade out and brings back the shine. I mean lightly go over it, not melt it. Just enough to heat it up. It will bring back color and get rid of fading.

Phobo Phobia says:

do you stand up when hitting hard rough water ? you want stand up and use your legs like shocks it will save your back !

Nasser Al-momen says:

It’s a trick ski. If you want a relaxing cruise get any of the other skis

Mike Rich says:

“Beat you to death” hahahahaha then shows such beating ! classic 3:27

John Jacobs says:

Thank you for your excellent review. On the strength of your report I will eliminate the Spark from my purchase options.

George Mulligan says:

That thing beat me to death through the screen piece of junk

Happy grower Chris says:

Is it tippy

ROB HALL says:

Thanks for the review.  I like the way you showed the bumpy vs the smooth ride in the beginning. With that said, are you looking at getting another one like a Yamaha or Kawasaki? Or are you staying with Sea-Doo but just a different model.

Marc Raglin says:

Had that thing for 5 months and it already looks like crap? Sorry dude. You just don’t take care of your toys well enough,

Matt Rydeski says:

I see that sportsman 😉

fourtraxlife 13 says:

Do you go on lake Cumberland with it?

kile555 says:

You’re right about it beating you to death. The plus side is you can jump the hell out of it. I ride the same one on a very rough lake

Nate Knows says:

what’s the total lenght of trailer and all? trying to figure out if it will fit in my garage

Pioneer 700 700 Pioneer says:

Is this Kenny Powers?

dustoff499 says:

Is it possible your cleaning method or materials hurt the appearance? Those footwell’s are nothing like anything I’ve seen on mine or other Sparks.

Dominick Vulpis says:

Instead of spray paint use Plasti Dip

Negativity says:

I ride a WaveRunner VX in the ocean cuz I’m from Hawaii some days it’s rough on the bay others it’s not, but I can go to off shore islands and sandbars it’s fun to explore

F F says:

Dannnggg lower back pain yep just take these steroids

Jeremy Hinds says:

For the plastic that already faded use back to black aerosol spray. It’s a one step spray looks just like new

Mini Fam says:

Great review! For your back, you need to strech!!! I broke back and had severe pain down my leg. Light strength training and constant stretching fixed me.

Peter says:

Welcome to something called aging! Lol

Chris Bernhardt says:

Nice video! I bought my Spark new in 2014…2up with H.O. It is a dream on flat water, but it is not fun in 2 ft chop just like yours! You really have to pick and choose your riding days around here based on wind kicking up chop. I wished they had a bigger fuel tank too, because I like to do distance rides.

Ryan Davidson says:

These actually make a lot of sense when you think about it. PWC depreciate so fast. You can buy a brand new water toy for $6k and get years of fun out of it. Of course you aren’t getting a top end ride, but it is 1/2 the price. Just all depends on what your priorities are.

Invisible Person says:

I highly recommend the Aerospace 303 marine plastic protectant. I used it from day one and my Spark has not faded one bit. It may even bring back the black color where it had faded.

Booqt says:

should’ve cleaned the gas with dish soap ASAP had that happen one time could’ve saved it from ruining your paint

tnpharmd says:

What does “kindly” mean? Is that like “kind of” or ” kinda’ “

Man + River says:


CageKicker says:

Try black magic tire shine for the black plastic

J Cole says:

If u don’t like it sell it and get a Yamaha ex

Jimmy Davidson says:

I just bought a used Yamaha 2012 SHO with 54 hrs. on it and it handle like a dream in rough waters. Like you I’m brand new to jet skies. I think the bigger skies handle the chop better. Plus I rode hard for 4hrs and burnt 3/8’s of a tank. The only think I didn’t like about the seadoo is the fuel economy. Good luck and take care dude.

Dozer 806 says:

It doesnt matter what you use.. its made out of plastic. GM used the same plastic on the cladded avalanches and they always faded.

gary63693 says:

What is the spark like for mid chop? just cruising speed, not full speed

William Braun says:

I just looked into two skis at a dealer, he said no go on the spark for northeast. Said its to rough. Problem is the next ski is 11k for one! I was looking to get two for 12k with the family participating in the action. so I’m still not sure if i should get two sparks just to get into the action. I wanted to use them down in florida off naples. usually the water is calm. what do you think if you are riding with two kids on the back of these things? bad idea?

Product Reviews By Scorpion Cat says:

Just started looking into jet skis. I read that a 300hp ski can use 20 gallons of gas per hour ($60) and a spark can use 2 gallons per hour ($6). I don’t want to be thinking about fuel cost every time I take it out, much less if I bought a pair of them. Is this jet-ski the 60hp model or 90hp?


I had same problem with my back on the jet ski

OnEmpty says:

Try Aerospace 303 marine grade for that fading plastic.

Drizzy Fam says:

Junk, so happy I didn’t buy one


The 300 is fun on the throttle but not so fun at the fuel stations. premium needed and you can burn through a whole tank in an hour

Jarrod Treloar says:

Good review help me out if I would get one

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