Nine month review for Yamaha GP 1800 and and Yamaha VX deluxe 1.0

Watch the review to find out what I think about these pcw


Mark Jacob says:

Rick, how does the gp1800 handle out in the ocean on waves vs the fx ho told the fx ho may be a little slower but it’s hull is built better for the ocean conditions..

Chris Burger says:

Wow! That a rough 60 hours you put on that GP. :). My GP has about 45 hours and sprung a water leak around the pump area around 20 hours and an oil leak at around 40 hours. It’s in for warranty service now. I did the stage 1 reflash and intake and get 77.2 MPH. It’s been a fun ski, but I’m not too happy about the leaking…

DirtyMaxDeuce says:

I’m afraid something may be wrong with your VX if you’re only getting 40mph. I have a 2016 that runs 50-55 mph consistently. I’m 200 lbs. My 100 lb daughter runs faster than that.

001 002 says:

How ruff is salt water on skis? i live in a river area. just curious

benjamin mantel says:

Its not going any faster because your not reflashing the motor. Need to reflash so you get more rpm, you also need the right impeller.

Erik Cable says:

jesus man …you got some cash to spare…inheritence?

Eric Sheldon says:

How do you compare the ride of the VX hull and GP1800 to the RXP 215s? Funny enough I’m deciding between those two machines and the VXR. Was looking at the GTR 230 but didn’t like the ride at all.

Also, what’s the maintenance on these? Was trying to pull a manual but Yamaha won’t just hand them out online. Supercharger rebuild/inspection li the Seadoos?

How’s fuel consumption? That’s the only reason I’m considering a VXR over the GP1800.

mjethier says:

it would appear that you beat the everlasting dogshit out of your machine.

Fish Killl says:

you dont take care of your shit.

ricky l says:

Whats the fuel consumption like on the 1800 ?

Logan Schaefer says:

For your speedo swapping issue. To swap from mph-kmh and back, install your key and hit the START button to wake up the computer (do not start the ski), then push the STOP button for 1 second – 3 consecutive times. This should change it back and forth. I had the same issue, hope this helps.

Marcus Ortega says:

Take your VX out of L mode and you’ll get about 50mph steady

Nathan Spires says:

i think your Deluxe is in L mode. That ski does 50 -55 easily and a spark shouldnt even be close

hayagp1300r 2008 says:

Hey rick greetings, i got an 03 gp1300r that takes on those gp1800 and leave them with theyre mouth open bring it here in kissimme lake tohopekaliga and let see what u got

Alvaro Davila says:

I kill gp 1800’s in my yamaha

Nathan Hite says:

You have the vx in low power mode you can easily switch it with the key

Mike Gunn says:

Great Review. I am buying two this year. One for me and my wife. You just helped me decide on what machines to purchase. Thanks a bunch !!!

Rich Perry says:

You can tell these are money makers not a true review…

Glen DeKoker says:

I seen on YouTube new 2018 Seadoo and Yamaha go head to head with speed computer same driver Seadoo won from 0-30,0-40,0-60,and top speed so how do you beet the Seadoo all day long? where they bullshitting me?

Dane Walker says:

Here’s some useful info on the MPH to KPH switching issue… Merry Christmas, Brother!!!

Ray Butler says:

My 2016 VX Limited with the TR1 tops out at 85 kph (52 mph) and I’m 110 kg (240 lbs)…and I outsprint my mate on his Kawasaki 1500 four cylinder every time we’re out…I think your VX Deluxe needs a service?

matt G says:

put a tune on the gp1800 already dude wtf. infact put a 17lb wheel and stage 3 tune .Feel some real power , stock is slow .

TSM Quantum says:

Look at sundaily he’s in Daytona he had multiple jetskis and he drag races then by the beach

tarheelsfan 82 Foster says:

My cuz has a vx I don’t like the way it handles. I have a 06 Sea Doo gti I have more fun with it then his

Max Jones says:

I like that you actually use your toys. I got the last 2016 FZS from my dealer at the beginning of summer 2017. Put 77 hours on her. It does 75 mph consistently hits 80 then backs down to 74-75 depending on conditions. Are some just faster? My dealer told me it wouldn’t do over 70! I just bought an 07 sea doo gti. Don’t know anything about it but the price was right. Can you do a bit of an overview video?

Aaron Barkley says:

I got at very low hour good condition 99′ Kawasaki ultra 150 that I been riding for a bit this spring on Watts bar lake. It’s a freaking blast. With GPS it will nudge over 71 mph. Had a Polaris 4 seater back from 2001 with a genissis 2 stroke of course and it would do 61. That big haus was lake riding a big Harley on the water.

Jose L. Rodriguez says:

Not to insult your intelligence but you did make sure your vx isn’t in restricted mode right? I have a vx 52 constant and up to 59 with 1/4 tank you might want to check you’re remote and make sure your not running in low power mode that limits you to 40 if you don’t know where the remote is it’s probably still zipped tied to the factory position you can access it from the front storage compartment just look past the plastic wall you’ll see a small remote zip tied to the wall dealers are really bad about not telling people about the remote it also controls the anti theft and since no one ever reads the 500 page owners manual you would never know

Junior Jr says:

What’s your opinion on the Sea Doo RXTX 300 reliability?

USA Helicopter says:

I have a 2017 Yamaha GP 1800 Purchased new in May 2017 and it has a 109 hours TTSN. I road it for 4 months And now it has crack all around the intake great in the bottom of the ski plus it tacks on water as soon as you put it in the water. Yamaha told me to go pound sand when it can time to fix it under warranty. So my opinion is nothing like yours Rick when it comes to the 2017 Yamaha GP1800

John John Edwards says:

Hi I have the same deluxe 54 mph out the box all I have changed is the ride plate . Water pickup. And riva sponsons. Can now get 61 mph just looking at doing the riva map tune and air intake hopefully will hit the 65 mph I think 60 mph out of a 1.0 ski is Good I hope you get yours sorted out

brussell639 says:

Probably won’t notice a performance increase with the ribbon delete unless you reflash the computer. The fuel tables are set for the volume of air with the ribbon installed. Removing it can lean your fuel mixture. Now the sensors may be able to adjust some, I don’t know if it’s as complex as a car with MAF, and oxygen sensors that can adjust your fuel mixture for small changes, such as altitude and temperature. But I also saw in another video that you didn’t want to void your warranty. So I would definitely consider it once that runs out.

hayagp1300r 2008 says:

My ski never been in salt water in case u ask me to go to daytona

Victor Velazquez says:

I can’t even afford 1 new one.

Gustavo Hidalgo says:

On the VX deluxe defences, that runner was not supposed to be the faster topping at low 50’s. But, one thing that runner is great on fuel I had run 30 miles out fishing to Miami from my ramp with a single tank and have little over 1/2 back at the dock. On the other hand that GP is a monster…


I want to see you race a 2018 rxp seadoo 300 with launch control…

dezs1775 says:

I would like to run with you one day. I have a 16 seadoo RXT 300 and love it. Very fast. Would like to see the differences. The RXT is fast. Would like to put them side by side. Im in Orange city. Let me know.

Drew says:

my vx does 59 with two people and full tank of gas… lol

Stanley Freeman says:

Rick I’m coming to blast those wave craft with ya… an need a old xlr caddy to ride back

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