Seadoo Spark Review

Today i take my buddy Tyler’s 90 hp seadoo spark for a ride and give you my thoughts on the spark platform.


Clash with Matt says:

Can’t decide between a 3up spark or a Yamaha ex

Jeff Warren says:

You never had it in sport mode , you have to push it twice. if you had read the words it would have told you. sport mode is alot diff.

Mofo Jones says:

Hey fred give head! 1000 dlrs more than what you paid? Arent we delusional? Mean while im riding my GP1800 and all you can do is wish you had one! So go ahead and keep riding your barbie ski!

therc king says:

Love the video! I gotta know what the song is called though

kaleb cathey says:

Will the jet pack work on those

Myran XD says:

You was not in sport mod =)

ShaunGrey says:

Please make an update video with it actually in sport mode! Make sure you click the button one more time after you hold the button

Delinquents Fag says:

Lake Champlain?

EvoPortal says:

The Spark will beat the living crap out of you in even mild shoppy waters. The light weight and flat hull is terrible to chop through even small waves.

Bill Nyee says:

How much was your ski with all the options after tax if you don’t mind me asking. Also what camera are you using to record yourself

mau7dead says:

what jet sky is that in the bigening

Mofo Jones says:

Save yourself the disapointment! Do not buy this rubbermaid container

Revrider550 says:

**SPORT MODE** Thanks for watching and the feedback! I know the ski wasn’t in sport mode see the link below for when I took the spark out again and made sure it was in sport mode this time!

jordan h says:

is that lake erie?

Harley Rider says:

I don’t like that they are plastic. Id rather have a heavy fiber glass ski. Sitting on the showroom floor next to other ski’s the Spark looks like a cheap toy.

No thanks, Ill pass.

Mofo Jones says:

Going on a long ride with friends, it sucks always being the last one and everybody having to stop and wait for you! 45 mph its not fast at all! Got bored of mine really quick!

My Damn Channel says:

I use mine on the lake. I like how people call them slow..but most of the time they are faster than any go-fast boat on the water unless you run up on a 400 hp Ranger Bass Boat lol or a catamaran with 500 hp lol or bigger jet ski 48 mph is plenty fast for someone new to PWC’s.

Buck Nasty says:

My 20 year old gti blows sparks out of the water

Charlie Wedes says:

Big shooter wasn’t in sport mode

Jones 421 says:

Ny weather sucks what lake u on, looks like Oneida lake?

HDjoe III says:

Nice video, I got a trixx and live in cny, want to review it??

Beau Gauthier says:

Anyone have an issue with their IBR stop working with only 14 hours on the machine? Cant figure it out why. Once I start the ski and hit the gas IBR light comes on with a loud beep, reverse and neutral don’t work.

dickdevosboss says:

Lots of dickless faggots in here, trying so hard to prove your jet ski is better than a spark, who gives a fuck

Morte Parla says:

I’m really not afan of the Spark. Or SeaDoo at all, for that matter. I’ve seen so many burning and broken SkiDoo’s on trails, that I wouldn’t trust a boat made by the same company.

Endoskullx120 Shade says:

Nice Jetske

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