The 2017 Sea Doo Spark Trixx is a Dirtbike for the Water

Associate Editor Sean MacDonald begged and pleaded for permission to go test the new Sea Doo Spark Trixx. He got the opportunity to go test the Spark when it was first released in 2013, and he was incredibly impressed by its ability to provide a motorcycle-like experience on the water. So, did EIC Mark Hoyer let him go? Well, obviously yes… because here at Cycle World, we ride everything. Read more:






AR Life says:

I love my spark, its nice and light but yet stable at 50mph

The angry Carpenter says:

But if you read the manual for the trixx it says it’s not designed to jump and it should only be ridden on calm lakes and ponds. No ocean.

Dylan Levesque says:

Seems like a wanna be stand up for fat people. Just get a stand up, its way better

ed0985587 says:

How is the stability going fast in a straight line or chop?

Sterling Hayden says:

That’s a couch get a stand up

Mofo Jones says:

Oohh! Having fun at 45 mph while the rest of the gang leaves the scrap behind!

Mars Cambiano says:

Can confirm! I ride sportbikes and was doing… whoolies?… on this all weekend!

Tampatec says:

I live in Tampa, I want to see more jetski and waverunner videos.

JAX says:

This guy never rode a wave blaster 1 !!!!!

Bill Peirce says:

Not worth 7k

Valentin Qad says:

je t’apprend

KHL guy says:

Its been out for a few years and still no HP upgrade? Why dont they tune the thing to have 100 at least? Ive got a 97 SPX which is on its last legs and will sadly have to transition to this

Andrew John Burks says:

I heard this shit is crap and you get what you pay for. This guy said he has to replace a part everytime he rides it because its made out of plastic.

Elias says:


Skyler the Husky says:


3DPeter says:

1:50 that’s not called a wheelie but a tailstand

jon hipkin says:

Not sure who told you that you can’t tow anything with the 2 up but that is not true… it comes with the same tow clip as the 3 up

Vince says:

You havent seen dirtbike since you’ve ridden a Blaster I or a Blaster II. So many issues with seadoo spark lol

Daan Made in Holland says:

Only 7 k im getting one right now. Normaly they cost around 25 k But what is the top speed. It need to go atleast 80km or im out agai.ln.

Dillon Nipp says:

It’s a wanna be waveblaster 1

Hayley Wilson says:

Got this for Christmas and I can’t wait to use it come summer!!!

Tyler Murphy says:

It is good .

Chris White says:

Lol. Can u say douchy.

TMartz247 says:

awesome video!! love the trixx on the water, nothing like it. check out my sea doo spark trixx video and subscribe if you could.

BlueG0D says:

What is max speed

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