Wave Boat 444 – Boat propelled by a Jet Ski – Sealver

Check the new video review of our Wave Boat 444!

This is the end of the wet sandwiches and the warm beers, bring your stuff with you and enjoy an awesome jetski session on board of a Wave Boat!!

Compatible with Yamaha, Seadoo and Kawasaki, up to 5 people on board, up to 45 kph!


Tommy Hammernots says:

Should make for some good fail vids in the future.

Kim Mahaffey says:


Caiden coffman says:

Or u could just buy a boat

breathe and squeeze says:

this isn’t new, it has been done before. and don’t buy a jetski if you want to boat with a group. that’s what a boat is for. jetski’s are lame anyway. fun for about a 1/2 hour tops, then boring as hell.

al says:

Lol nope not buying it. Jet ski is inefficient as it is and adding another hydro structure so it can burn even more fuel is utterly stupid! Not even including the cost of this extra addition. This is for stupid rich people.

Howzer The man says:

Pretty cool craft and the idea is verging on genius.

17dollar Nigga says:


BIM Brothers America says:

The idea is good but, it looks like weird

FUTURIST 009 says:

Chinese dsnt like this boat

Mason Brady says:

Price ???

Cheeki-Breeki says:

Its a jetski with a widebody kit

High Light says:

Better idea would be more of a party pontoon which you can push to a location then detach it. This looks cramped and pretty pointless

Captainmakis 952 says:

This is weird but I like it

Roger Evans says:

Wow!! Love it !! Cost?

Richard Griffiths says:

that would be great for diving

Jeni G. says:

These were around in the 90s. How much are they now?

Tim Currey says:

So is there a trailer for it or something…?

Jess Roberts says:

Just one more thing to insure and license and ask a buddy to pull it to the lake and back.

Gunnar Landin says:

Does it come with the chicks?

Bitcoin buyNsell says:


Oka Samsung says:

dr pd demo berjilid jilid nyampahi negara,mending bikin sesuatu yg inovatif kex gini..

IbEX Hacker says:

Now they should make a kind so you can ban one another

Pinky Racing says:

Cool concept ! Will this fit my GP1800? Unfortunately if this thing cost near 15k to 20k, I will just skip this in a heartbeat and get me the 2018 19 foot Yamaha jet boat with an engine!!! Almost close to that price range. Nah no thank you

Michel Damn says:

Is It only for girls??

Nor Syarul says:

Clever invention. Bad news is all i could afford is the sealver.

Manuel Hernandez says:

Ok looks cool, but how are you going to transport it. A normal jet ski trailer is to small & a boat trailer it to big.
Waste of time. Just buy a boat people

Arnold May II says:

Perfect for ditching the kids or the wife

Allysis says:

Is there a latch to hold on the jetski cause if you slowed down it would fly off

White Rino says:

Don’t let this fool you people a version of this has been done by sea ray and sea doo’s and other companies for years now nothing new.
Don’t run out of gas separated or you got two problems. Depending if you like the people your with

Paul Dugan says:

No battery, no tank , no life jackets. Wth?

Tim Goode says:

How about doubling the space (width/length) and adding side by side WaterCraft on a larger hull platform. Remember seeing something liek that years ago years ago, but cant’t remember who produced them. Controlling dual throttles simultaneously would need to be sorted out, but then you could detach and use the hull platform a as a base of whatever you could dream up.

Rathana Sor says:


Scott Duffy says:

Great idea because jet skis are boring as fuck I got rid of my jetski because it was so fucking boring too bad they probably want as much for this contraption as a real fucking boat where you can have people alongside of you having fun and bring your dive gear along instead of a crappy jet ski

Hal Heywood says:

Nice cool idea

Ju He says:

Ist ja mega nice

Jeepin John says:

You mean boat propelled by seadoo

cava 1919 says:

its coooooollll…

Iamnothere says:

Goodday i would gladly review this attachment for my boat shop located in south Africa

ChispitaTV says:

Fun fun!!

K.j Tube says:

Then when you mates are sleeping run away

Leonardo Pereira says:

Muito foda, vou vê se consigo achar p comprar aqui no Brasil.

Bipolar Bettas says:

Looks to me like a very expensive boat with no motor.. Can someone say RIPOFF.

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