10 Stylish Boats For The Modern Single Man

If you’re a modern gentleman, you might want to take a look at these 10 stylish boats and take your game to the next level:
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No matter if you’re a boat person or not, everybody agrees that freedom is something we all look for. A speed boat can give you that feeling even if it’s for short periods of time.

These cool speed boats are some of our favorite at Alux and we wanted to share them with you guys.

We even included some prices just to give you an idea on how much you can expect to pay for each of them.

We strongly recommend you visit our website or the manufacturer for extra info.

In this video we’ll simply answer the following questions:
What are some of the coolest boats in the world?
What kind of speed boat should I buy?
What kind of boat do women like?

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John Galt says:

Lol. Stupid.

Joe Smith says:

The Riva is a very nice yacht,looks expensive but that’s what you can expect for a fancy yacht

Wasem Kassar says:

hedonist. Art of Kinetik Beautiful

livingmylife says:

Riva because i doesn’t have that amount of money yet and I’ll get it by request.

Ung Grabb says:


ben garcia says:

Or if you’re a real man you get a sailboat of any kind

TheBlancoProductionz says:

Vandutch didn’t make the list!!????

Ne0c225 says:

Azimut magellano, but the 43ft one.

Naskah Zada says:

Riva 🙂

QF756 says:

How Alux knows my situation?…

the real pepe says:

Thank you for saying the prices.

Liannoy Sanchez says:

Just give me half a mil and id stay with a big 32ft center console

Paul Goodier says:

hed as in head….not heed….as in heed

Canadian Electric Boat Company (CEBC) says:

The Bruce 22 should be on this list! This luxurious and high quality electric boat is the fastest electric boat in America!

magnasyst g says:

You should try grand bank yacht

daddyscummys creampie says:

Modern douchbag men you ment

Adrian Mol says:

I would buy a Wooden Boat “classic”

simbaliongard12 simbaliongard12 says:

10 one

Andrew H. says:

nice fucking banner that covers half of what youre trying to watch.

MDiGia1 says:

Hook up with Us! Wahoo Insurance LLC – Take our 90 second challenge to reduce your Boat Insurance premium.
Visit http://www.wahooinsurancellc.com
Best Regards,
Captain Mike

Jerk Exboyfriend says:


justin linnane says:

Can we machine gun everyone involved in making these vacuous absurd videos please ?

Hugo JG TV says:

The last world i choose, cause i LOVE big boats

Christian Of The Transition says:

Neither, where are the Cigarette Boats? Skater? Fountain, or even Donzi?

Duster Doggs says:

The Chris Craft

kkr Mohan says:

I am a rookie, but what about a oceanis 50?

Tan Sri Pi Daus says:


Tan Sri Pi Daus says:

This foolish you Lamborghini boat only 1.5m USD ….. Why number 6_7exspensive ….nahhh fuck this video

Deb Scott says:

uh woman boat boat builder and vintage boat owner here. gentlemen do not create sexist ads.

kit garth says:

HAHAHA! Women are more expensive! I will take the boat baby. That’s why you cant have both lol

Dark Knightwing says:

I love the Hacker Craft Racer and the Hedonist

Random Coment says:

And you dident mension princes pur targa

Dark Knightwing says:

By the way, you’re pronouncing Riva badly, it’s pronounced Reeva

Tintin Whitcomb says:

Can you not pronounce Riva or something? It’s embarrassing

Francis Thoresen says:

Riva 73

na x says:

Any kayaks?

D B says:

I love how the title implies that you can’t afford any of this stuff if you’re married… for the most part, probably true.

Eugen Scobioala says:

Riva 76

Cobb Knobbler says:

No Cigarettes? No Fountains? No Skaters? DCB? MTI? Mystics? Come on! How can there not even be one true offshore powerboat or catamaran on this list?? Another thing, how can a luxury brand channel not know how to pronounce Azimut or Riva?

Paul He says:

Frauscher 1017 GT Much nicer than all these boats 😀

Magh says:

the first

Spencer Wilton says:

The pronunciation drove me crazy! Riva is pronounced Reeva not River! hedonist is Headonist not heedonist. This video is littered with so many examples it’s infuriating.

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