2017 Flibs Boat Show – Ribs Tenders and Dinghies

As promised the 2017 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and all the Ribs,Tenders,and Dinghies I could get my hands on. Here is a list of the companies that were featured at the show.

Time Stamp of each feature….

Argos Nautic 1:41-4:06

Techno Hull 4:07-10:16

Zar Fomenti 10:17-16:23

Brig 16:24-22:36

Nuova Jolly 22:37-30:08

Foldable Rib 30:09- 33:35


Walker Bay 38:48-41:02

Lomac 41:03-45:19

Williams Jet 45:21-47:26

Ab inflatables 47:27-51:49

Mercury inflatables 51:50-53:33

Brig 53:34-54:35

Achilles inflatables 54:36- 54:55

Zodiac 54:56-58:13

Avon 58:14-58:59

Sea Legs 59:00-59:40

Highfield 59:41-1:01:18

Alfred Closing Show 1:01:19-1:02:29

Please watch: “Ribs Tenders and Dinghies ( Miami Boat Show 2018 )”


MrRobGys says:

Alfred – really cool walkthroughs. A feast for the RIB-freaks! Thumbs up from me dude… 🙂

William Smith says:


John Brisbane says:

Try an external mic, windscreen and a gimbal. It will give your enthusiasm justice, and a much more premium experience. Time to up your Youtube game. =)

Doy Rayburn says:

Turn the music down ey?

Spytotheroot says:

Man good try brother but horrible video getting dizzy.. sorry..

DLP Images says:

Thank you!!! For posting all the manufacturers and their links. Priceless!!

maverickdallas100 says:

I bet those twin Merc 400’s LOVE gas! In terms of gallons per mile or feet per gallon! I wouldn’t mind taking a ride on one of these babies @90 mph! That Techno-Hull is one badass looking boat!

ReefLife says:

Man you like you some Ribs, sauce or dry rub. Lol

KWH says:

Did the RIB at 9:30 have a bow thruster?

andy de getrouwe says:

Thanks man loved it lomac was the best

Carl Germundson says:

good content but please dont use music when you talk about thew boats use it when you shoot a montage or something or at least turn it down

MrRobGys says:

That Technohull is a Rib drivers wet dream!

Richard says:

Nice walkthrough. Avon Marine was purchased by Zodiac in about ~2000. After 2008, most Avon lines tapered off, leaving only the Seasport Jets in production. They brought it back with new designs in 2016.

jon smith says:

Those small boats were nice at the end but the price was so expensive I could buy a used jon boat or new Jon boat cheaper. And some old Jon Boats were aluminum. Not a steering wheel on most of them unless you get up to the big ones. I think I remember the big ones have a steering wheel. If you buy a new boat you’re not going to get your money out of it. Because the economy is so bad and people will wheel and deal on a used boat and there are a lot of very nice used boats and you could break even or possibly make a profit. I about turned down the wrong road and bought a new Bayliner and I would have massively went in the hole on it. I would have lost a mass amount of money when I resold it if I could have even resold it. Instead I bought small used Baja performance boat and broke even but I didn’t break even paying the personal property tax on it that I remember. I live high in the mountains not like Florida you can boat all year round where I live you can only vote for less than half the year. It’s just cheaper to rent a boat or pontoons are pretty cheap. And pontoons or pretty much Unsinkable with separate Chambers. Not fast at all but they get the job done. Actually there is a guy with a pontoon boat that goes about 80 miles an hour he’s the world record holder I saw on the YouTube video. But that’s like 80 miles per hour on a couch. In Florida I don’t think they have personal property tax on cars I’m not sure about boats. Those small Inflatables after years down the road would look pretty rough and would be a lot of money to repair. I like longevity and something that holds value or of course the best is makes me a profit. Boats seldom make a profit though. And people in used boats will really negotiate on price these days because it is totally a buyers world not a seller’s.

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