2018 FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run TV Show Part 2

Stu Jones and the Florida Powerboat Club enjoy their time in the 2018 Miami International Boat Show Poker Run (TV Show Part 2). The 23rd annual event takes place in the 25th year of FPC with about 45 high performance boats. Starting this year at Haulover Marina a great start to the year’s event.


A P Developments says:

Why am I here? Oh yea boats. Sorry I got distracted by Whitney’s Babylon’s.

Caleb Vue says:


thewibb says:


Nicholstop : says:

going fast in a boat is way more of a rush then on land because at any point over 100 the boat could flip or nose dive

Blackwater dd7 says:

Fire the commentator!!! Holy shit dude!! Wake up!!!!! Sleepy motherfucker putting me to bed!!! Hahaha

Chris.S1169 says:

Great video,loved all the boats and the beautiful ladies.This looks like it was a blast.

Failing at Pessimism says:

Sprry I wouldn’t use GoPros or iPhones to record video. They are so crap. I’d beter use Huawei and Sony. And I’m not talking about a TV set am I. I enjoy using my Samsung too. Makes delicious sandwiches.

no where says:


sharms888 says:

Silicon breasts, silicon lips & bleached hair, all these girls are definitely a 10 ….. in IQ

S v says:

21:17 like a movie scene

GaRdZ says:

all because of cocaine, not hating just truth teller

Noneofyodamnbidness says:

Don Linde…I see you!!

J. B. says:

whitney is smoking hot !!!!!!!

Scott C says:

Soo jealous, or is that envious, I try to keep hating on Trumps USA but man if you’ve got a bitta cash clealry … wow, holy smoke what a god damn life. (I’m in New Zealand ..it’s not bad but jeeezus…lol)

emina štefičić says:

Can someone pls tell me name of the song in the background minute 14.20-14,50

pete7996 says:

Whitney, you have fabulous cans

Richard Roberson says:

at what point of strapping motors to the back of your boat do you become stupid? 5? 6? 7? why not just go with inboard at that point

Sean Marks says:

WAIT A SECOND!!!  Didn’t he mention that there are 2′-3′ waves and everyone is running on the inside? WIMPS!!!!  Running in rough water is what is all about if you know how to throttle and if you have a V-Bottom boat….

Elias Pire says:

He visto en una lancha a Sonny” Crockett y a Rico !!

Robert Betts says:

does that guy have a tramp stamp?

Magaly Herrera says:

Ha ha

ronald tavian says:

you guys always have great music in this videos! i got to see some of theses boats in person man amazing boats

manfreakca Harambe says:

that a sexy bitch

jarrod rodamer says:

How about cut the music so we can hear the motors

Eric Wischhover says:

5:25 her hats gone!

nate smith says:

man I wish I could afford this.
me and my wife love boats

Sean O says:

Wonder what the combined net worth of all these guys are? Possibly a few billion or more.

കിളി കണ്ണൻ says:

A missing bot in world. ….

Cory Knowles says:

“Offshore competition center consoles” won’t go offshore in 4-6’ seas…..

Bq B says:

Meanwhile I live in a place where the air hurts your face…

Matt V.M says:

Did anyone else notice her hat fall off at 5:25?

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