4 years living on a Power boat. The challenges of living small, the positives of minimalism.

Chad has been living on his power boat for 4 years in Victoria BC. When he moved to victoria he wanted a boat, Rent was high, and he figured why not just buy a boat and live in it. He was forced to purge to be able to fit all the necessity of life into something the size of a bedroom, but after doing so he found he doesn’t miss much of having a larger space. Boats are great at hiding space in storage and unique spaces, and chad takes advantage of that. His out look on life is contagiously optimistic and he recommends this lifestyle to anyone looking to downsize and make some serious change to their lives.

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FloridaRaider says:

the more shit you own, the more your shit owns you

James Detroyer says:

How does he live on it in the winter?

Afterhours FM Radio says:

maybe just alittle bigger of a boat i would do it

Adventure Darin says:

I’m torn between boat life or van life.

scoop6 says:

If this boats a rockin, don’t come a knocking!

Ben Jamin says:

Holy crap. You Look al lot like Jessie James minus the arrogance and ridiculous overall attitude.
Guessing it’s still pretty pricey.
Boat slips aren’t cheap. Neither are boats for that matter.

motech 10 says:

I’m jealous! Should of never got married.

Brer Rabbit says:

This cats living my dream..

DerekBondo says:

Is this boat for sale? I swear I just saw it posted on BoatTrader… Great name BTW

SuperAstigs says:

We’res the sharks teeth necklace.

E Cannon says:

I clearly see the appeal of this.

Billyboy says:

He’s not fooling me, he moved on the boat because it’s all he got from the divorce lol seen it 1000 times

Rich Adventures says:

What size, make, model boat is it?

Nevermind says:

Dock potatoes. Marinas are slap full of them. They’re most important pieces of equipment are a TV cable and the 120v power cable for AC. Most are loathe to venture anywhere in anything above a7 knot breeze and 2 ft sea.

Scott Bott says:

What’s the attraction to “sitting on the water every day?? He said it a lot, like its what everyone wants.

Captain Dildoface says:

Virgin apartment vs Chad houseboat

Forrest Stevens says:

Hey everyone thanks for watching! hope you all enjoy the video, I am compiling a list of unique and well suited items for off grid and van dwellings, if anyone has any suggestions for things to add to it let me know! If you are a regular Amazon shopper, by clicking the link below before purchasing anything on their site, you are helping to support this youtube channel at no extra cost to yourself! It is selfless people like all of you that help make these videos on alternative dwellings possible!!!
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neodym 007 says:

What about the essence – how much does this lifestlye cost?

D0lphin 0321 says:


Arcy says:

I’ve done boat life for two years now and I’m so inlove with this life style!! I don’t think I can ever go back to a conventional life.

Yachtsmen Anthony Blanco says:

Thank you for making time to make this video. very insightful and informative.

Jonny Gross says:

I moved out of the states to the Philippines and very cheap. If I come back, this seems to be my next move. 71 and single, sounds great to me. thinking southern states for 6 months and back to PI for six to save money.

Dave Underwood says:

I lived on a boat in the inner harbour for a year. Loved it. Our boat was a little bigger but great living.

CVPI222 says:

Sandra Bullock most have got everything in the divorce. Jesse James damn dude, all you have left is your flat bill and blue flannels!!!

isn't what it is ! says:

You are doing it right want to do the same but I have a six year old less is truly more travel now pay later that’s my only advice

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