Aston Martin AM37, 1040hp powerboat review

First drive of Aston Martin’s new AM37 sports boat in the waters around Monaco habour. Powered by two 8.6litre, Mercury V8 petrol engines, each producing 520bhp.
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Bobby Dribbler Gaming says:

I can see my house in the opening shot.


Wonderful craftsmanship is evident here, very nice!

Phil Taylor says:

Wouldn’t see water destroy the leather AND discolour the wood.

I’d be too scared to take it out.

superfast30 says:

When you have nothing else to do with your money!

Joel Weiss says:

Your presentation is so nice. It’s easy to just enjoy.

Jeff Harper says:

I’m not even a boat guy and I love this boat!

Snakebloke says:

Its absolutely stunning, but I’d rather have a Riva; the Ferrari of boats.

andy d says:

Harry,mate,you’re taking the ‘P’. left several posts on you site about the cars you own and now,anAston Power-boat! You are one lucky bloke!!

Albo Pastrami says:

Conversely reminds me of the powerboat engine option for the LM002; AM could pop one of these units in their (got to be) forthcoming SUV

SXH Marketing says:

“Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details.” – Minh D Tran — This boat is a perfect example of that. Thanks for the video.

Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald says:

l hope this one will be used in the next Bond film

Rottensteam says:

So Harry, Are you going to have a go in the Niniette 66 Bugatti inspired boat any time soon? Looks incredible!

John Falzon says:

Nice & interesting of its own. Great.

zakroxitup says:

love your channel, love your shows, but sorry Harry, that is a rubbish overpriced boat … too much cash silly

adrian moalem says:

Amazing boat, but the hull design makes it really bouncy. What a shame.

Splootan says:

Not impressed have to say white seats bit shabby

Janis Fedorovskis says:

This is just a posh show of item with a brand name, seriously if you like boats then for 1.6m there are way better boats from the leading manufacturers of this category like Princess, Azimut and so on… , but then again some buy a watch for 1mln and why not an Aston Martin boat…

The one who licks his eyebrows says:

You can get a SHIT ton more boat for that price elsewhere.

Feral Mass says:

I wonder what range this class of boat has, do they tend to have a natural cruising speed that they are happiest?

Nitechillsz says:

Not to shit on Aston’s parade (ok maybe a little bit) but you could get a 60+ foot Princess for that kind of money, three 40(ish) foot Princess or personally I could live comfortably for the rest of my life with this kind of money lol. Rich men’s problems eh? They really charge a premium for a first dive into the boat market though where they are competing with other boat companies with a lot more experience and tried and tested products with simular high end finishes. This is basically for the rich man that already has all that and then some to have a one-off limited production boat. Feel like i’m stating the obvious here, but I still think it’s a bit vulgar and overpriced not that the people that can afford it will care. You are paying for design but not the same function and usability of a proper boat. Guess you could say the same for some of their limited cars though. It’s basically a gucci bag for the sea, doubt it will be like a future investment thing like some cars can be but what do I know?

Andrew Hatcher says:

I keep coming back to this video to just watch and dream

Butiq Escapes says:

Beautiful machine!

Phoenix Rising says:

Beautiful. Something else extravagant for them to spend their hard earned dollars on I suppose.

LaRusso says:

Harry’s Harbour…

Laurence Pierce says:

I’ll have one of those AM37 in silver and a DB11 in silver

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