Aston Martin AM37: we test the £1m powerboat in Monaco

Aston Martin builds boats too but not your ordinary dinghys. The Aston Martin AM37 is a 1,000bhp, £1m powerboat and Admiral James Batchelor took fine vessel for a spin around Monaco harbour. Well, somebody had to do it…


Thisath Ranawaka says:

Totally first.

Tanase Liviu says:

I hate your presenter ! It really sucks ! I`m wondering why I don`t unsubscriebe your channel AutoExpress .

jony walabi says:


Peter Sothern says:

I mite order one tomorrow

Subi_fan says:

Whats next ? Bloody space ship ?

Chaudhary says:


blocksterz says:

that will look nice next to my 2004 Avensis .. I’ll take the S version please

Diego De León says:

Looks very nice, and the collaboration with Mulder sounds amazing, I wonder how it compares with Comitti, Frauscher and Goldfish…

uski59 says:

yeah,…I’d have run the fuel tanks dry also,…..what a beautiful craft.

swansea007791 says:

Well, hello Sailor 😉

Adeel A. Ahmad says:


coffeeblak86 says:

I’ll just buy a bigger better boat with that paint job. lol.

Alex Stern says:

I wanted to see the day cabin

9enius says:

Boat before SUV??

Constantine Joseph says:

Overpriced for 50knots

Hoang Vu says:

what happen if it starts raining?

George Allan says:

Nice review James like the boat love the sunglasses

bbsheppo says:

This guy grates on me.

Guilherme Medeiros says:

Best reviewer around

Senna Zidane says:


Dmitry L says:

I didn’t know there are boats like this powered by petrol

Jakub Grodzki says:

I want a sailing yacht from Aston Martin!

Jamie B says:

“It doesn’t drive like a car cus it’s a boat obviously”

george mcray says:

Nice review and an incredible boat for people with more money than sense. I would take a DB9 and classic Riva and still have change to spare.

Toys4Vip says:

Discover the Yacht AM37 by Aston Martin with other luxury toys on and have fun 🙂

andre reed says:

My helicopter left me !

Ian Enciso says:

Must be fucking nice

P Body says:

Its a beautiful boat! and quite frankly a great 1st attempt by the aston martin team.

Its a bit stern heavy I have to note, It looks like its always Pre plane, makes for a bit of a choppy ride even on a flat day.

atizeg says:

Why do you pretend you drove that thing. Only at walking speed…

Underpantsniper says:

No 0-60 knots time?? fucking bullshit!!!

Stephen Rose says:

it’s not April 1st?

Rits C says:

First time I’ve ever said, I want a boat!

John McAlinden says:

Maybe it’s the video, but it didn’t look like you used more than one hundred of those 1020 bps. Taking it a bit easy then?

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