Exclusive test! A one and only test worldwide. Maurizio Bulleri is on the 50 Marauder SS Cigarette with its 2×1350 Mercury Racing engines which can get up to 105 knots. Come on board, if you’re brave enough…

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Mike Harms says:

Those engines are powerful and fast but you also got to keep in mind you’re running clones of Chevrolet dump truck engines and I bet those engines were expensive that’s inside that cigarette boat you might have been better with old Chevy dump truck engine and bolts on all the high performance parts boat show have a great day that’s awesome cigarette boat you driving

Gary Woods says:

That’s insane power for boat ..

Andrea De nardi says:

Come tiene in caso di brutto tempo e onde ?

Hingle McCringleberry says:

On the water? I’d rather drive a cAmper

Mike Harms says:

So is it overhead cam or push rod? And I better Creek could have made those engines out of stone they would have what you have there in your engine room is gold a good old American muscle have a great day

me says:

I can’t say it wouldn’t be fun, but the realization that this boats’ capabilities are limited to push forward on a nub and giggle are a little disappointing.

Stu West says:

1.2 million for 120 MPH? fuck that. You can get a nice 100 MPH+ boat for under 100k easily. Buy 3 or 4 of them and you can race your friends with a solid half mil left over for hookers and cocaine.

xblaugranax says:

how much???

Carlos Lee says:

Looks like driving a boat in GTA with movie angle

Martin Schubert says:

I think he don’t got the eggs to go full speed 😀 230km/h+

Brian Bossa says:

At 5:28
Hohohoooo, chiquanta! sessanta! settanta! Ottanta! Novantaaaaaa!


Will Fishing says:

If you’ve never ridden in one of these, don’t… It will become your new life goal to own one, and it’s a difficult goal!

1 2 says:

LOL and one guy who built a small boat in his garage can go about 180mph faster than this thing.

Sriracha HOT says:

But does it come with a black Daytona?

Drone time 4 k A says:

Now all you have to do is wait every 6 months for flat seas

Martin Kaufmann says:

Improved aerodynamics hahaha

Jorge says:

Price ????

Bail 10k says:

what a guy, cant keep it in full throttle more than 2 seconds

BBQ reunie says:

I watched many many of your video’s but I think I never ever saw such a truly happy enjoyed pilot in all of these video’s 🙂

Austin Waggoner says:

So what’s the mpg on this?

saint r says:

man !!!!!! give me a mansion next to enrique iglecias in miami and i will put one of these on my dock
if you have the funds !!!!!!

just do it…. buy it !!!!!!

Ian Board says:

Somehow, it seems right that they have an Italian guy review the boat.

wendell worth says:

As fast boats go, that one is a slug and best left on shore.

hillary clinton says:

I thought my bass boat with a 250hp was fast

Joe Mayo says:

Fuck he’s going to bust a nut all over that thing

Hue Man says:


Mike Harms says:

It also sounds like an American muscle car so you going to do your best to imitate Richard Hammond and annoying James May haha have a great day great boat by the way

austin1839 says:

Another rich man’s toy.

Paul Racine says:

No surface drives??

Plumdum says:

“Supercharged” It has turbocharges

John Doe says:

Boat would scare the heck out of me…I’ll take a yacht

randalljames says:

all at a miserly 300 gallons of fuel per hour at full tilt….. (Premium of course)

Garrett H says:

Got a touch of wood watching this…..


A Ferrari or a camper? well you can only sit in a Ferrari for so long before you’re in pain the bottom line is you can bring anybody want on a yacht and your friends will truly appreciate the yacht a lot more than they would this boat.

Francesco Lamonica says:

Ma la propulsione e ‘ a elica o idrogetto? Forse nel video e’ stato spiegato…Ma forse mi e’ sfuggito….Travolto e estasiato dalla bellezza di questo natante…

saint r says:

the length of this beast is what makes it smooth at 80 knots !!! simply awesome !!!!!
i do believe this is much better then an exotic car on a highway
just add the sat radio and your all set to go.
imagine one of these in cabo san lucas 🙂

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