[ENG] NOR-TECH 392 – Review – The Boat Show

We hired a seasoned offshore fishing veteran and brought in a variety of professionals and enthusiasts to design the ultimate offshore fishing machine. The result is a feature laden product built to the exacting standards Nor-Tech has established in over 20 years of producing the finest quality of Hi Performance boats and Yachts.
Starting with a 3 piece composite construction of glass and Kevlar the 392 is built like no other. The entire single level cockpit is self-draining via an under deck plumbing system glassed into the cockpit liner. At the transom there are two 65 gallons live wells plumbed with the finest sea chest pump system ever developed along with built in tuna tubes.

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alexvage says:

Full Review?? no, this is a short review

sunking2001 says:

How much fuel does the boat hold. It should be quite a lot to feed those engines. What’s powering the AC? Must be a separate generator.

Сергей says:


Keith Prichard says:

You never gave us a full view of the boat?..

Fishing4 Fun says:

wow gave no performance info crappy walk through. Great boat but need a better walk through

David P says:

No Joystick controls?

amalan msamalan says:


鯵太郎 says:

loo k at movie

rodrigo hecht says:

how many feets?

Azzouz Mouna says:

مليح غير لالحرڨة

Nito Nito Bonito says:

Ótima lancha

Intelligent Bot says:

Does this boat have anything but 1600 hp?

emre kalkan says:

there are so many hungry people in the world that these images are too far away from them..

000100010100111090001010 001230100 says:

Each one of those motors are 31k each

tackless says:

I never understood Outboards on a fishing boat all they do is get in the way. Straighten boards

HKPSG1Shooter says:

Because you never know when you might need to run a few bales of cocaine or something….

milwaukeegregg says:

7Marine, baby………

RGBEES New zealand says:

what is the point of a boat that is not very good at anything other than drinking fuel — its rubbish from the motors ( one is good four is just F-ing dumb )all the way thru to the toilet right next to the shitty little bed / drown box thing at the front —

gypana says:

Everything on this boat is designed for easy access even your wallet.

krneki44 says:

4 massive engines on the back and no shots of boat speed or enven mention of it. Very bad video. Expected a lot better

Rahman Raiyen Raiyen Mat says:

Power boats awesome

eloyex says:

absurd ………..

Azzouz Mouna says:

مليح غير لالحرڨة

Mike T says:

So! where was the other 7 minutes of this very short review? nothing at all about the performance like the cruise speed or fuel consumption coupled with safe cruise range ~ ‘Boat Show’ really are you sure this is very disappointing compared to the usual Italian version

Sebastian Aponte says:

Wow no top speed run ?

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